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Wave Rectifier

wave rectifier
A rectifier voltage, the diode is used to convert alternating voltage (AC) into DC voltage (DC). Rectifier voltage have 2 kinds, namely: 1. Half-wave rectifier (half-wave rectifier) ​​2. Full wave rectifier (full-wave rectifier) ​​1. Half-wave rectifier (half-wave rectifier) ​​When used as a half-wave rectifier, diode becomeone-way AC voltage.

diode is the active component has channel two (thermionic diodes may have a third channel for heating). Diodes have two active electrodes in which electrical signals can flow, and most of the diodes are used because of its characteristics in one direction. Diodes varikap (Variable Capacitor / condenser variable) is used as voltage controlled capacitors.

unidirectional properties owned most types of diodes are often called unidirectional characteristics. The most common function of the diode is to allow electric current to flow in one direction (called the forward bias condition) and to hold the flow from the opposite direction (called a reverse bias condition). Therefore, the diode can be thought of as an electronic version of the valve in the transmission fluid.

Diodes unidirectional actually does not show a perfect life and death (actually brought forward bias current and clogged in reverse bias), but has the electrical characteristics of voltage-dependent currents not linear complex on the technology used and conditions of use. Several types of diodes also have functions that are not intended for use rectifier.

Diode has two legs, namely the anode and cathode. Diode electrical current can pass only from one direction only, namely from the anode to the cathode-called forward bias position (forward). Instead diode will withstand the current flow or blocking flow from the cathode to the anode, which is called reverse bias (reverse). However, the diode has a reverse bias voltage withstand limited-called break-down voltage. If the voltage is passed then the diode is said to corrupt and should be replaced new.

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