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The system starts working refrigerator compressor section as a heart refrigerator that serves as the driving force.

The system starts working refrigerator compressor section as a heart refrigerator that serves as the driving force. At the time of electricity, compressor motors will rotate and put pressure on the cooling material. Tangible coolant gas when pressurized gas will be pressurized and high temperature. With form like that, allowing refrigerant to flow into the condenser. At the point of condensation, the gas will condense and turn back into liquid form, high pressure liquid refrigerant will be pushed into the capillary tube. With so refrigerant will rise to the evaporator due to capillarity pressure which is owned by the capillary tube. While at the evaporator, the refrigerant liquid will evaporate and his form back into a gas that has a pressure and temperature is very low. As a result, air becomes trapped between the low-temperature evaporator and finally condensed into liquid form. On a recurring condition that allows air freezes into ice granules. It occurs in water bodies or deliberately placed in the evaporator. Compressor Compressor is an important part in the refrigerator. If the analogy with the human body, the same compressor with a functioning heart pumps blood around the body as well as the compressor. Coolant pump compressor to function throughout the refrigerator. Condenser Condenser heat exchanger is to change the coolant gas form at high temperature and pressure into liquid form. Type condensers are widely used in refrigerator technology today is the condenser with air conditioning. Refrigrasi system used on small or medium refrigerator. This condenser has a simple form and does not require special care. while working refrigerator condenser will feel warm when held. Filter Filter (filter) allows you to filter impurities that may carry the flow of coolant comes out after doing circulation so as not to get into compressor and capillary tube. In addition, cooling the material to be distributed at the next process is cleaner so it can absorb more heat maximum. Evaporator Evaporator serves to absorb heat from objects in the insert into the fridge, then the evaporator evaporative cooling material to resist heat and cool. Appropriate function is a vaporizer evaporator cooling material to be effective in absorbing heat and vaporize the coolant, the evaporator is made from non corrosive metal, namely copper and aluminum. Thermostat Thermostat has a lot of designation include temperature control and cool control. Whatever the name, set the thermostat to function automatically bedasarkan compressor temperature limits on each part of the refrigerator. That said, the thermostat is the switch automatically based on temperature settings. If suhau evaperator according to the temperature control thermostat, the thermostat will terminate automatically power to the compressor. Heater Nearly overall nofrost and a small refrigerator defrost refrigerator equipped with a heater (heater). Heating serves ice melt rates contained in evapurator. other than that heating could prevent the occurrence of frost accumulation on the ice shelf and rack storage of fruit under the ice shelf. Fan motor fan motor or fan is useful to expel wind. in the refrigerator there are two types of fan 1. Functioning evaporator fan motor blowing cold air from the evaporator throughout the shelf (shelf ice, vegetables, and fruit). 2. fan condenser fan motor is placed at the bottom of the refrigerator that has a small condenser which serves to suck or push air through the condenser and compressor. besides that cools the compressor. Overload motor protector is a safety component that is located together with a compressor terminal. How it works similar to a fuse that can connect and disconnect the electrical current. This tool can protect electrical components from damage due to current flow generated reference currents exceeding normal compressor. Cooling Materials (Refrigerant) Refrigerant is a substance that easily changed its form from gas to liquid, or vice versa. Type of coolant is very diverse. Each type of cooling materials have different characteristics.

When filling the freon refrigerator is not the same in filling freon air conditioner, when filling Freon refrigerator in need of precision and caution as the system kulkas have a smaller capillary tube capillary tube size from the AC when wrong in charging freon refrigerator can cause impasse freon in refrigerator pipes. nah how to charge freon in refrigerators according to the usual procedure in doing handyman service refrigerator.

Tool in the tool needed to fill freon refrigerator

1. Prepare a refrigerator freon R-134a or MC 134 (product musicool)
2. Manifold gauge
3. Vacuum Machines
4. Methyl (refrigerator cleaning fluid)
5. Welding Machine / hicook tube
6. Tang Ampere

Equipment to fill freon refrigerator is ready to live the practice ...

1. Attach the yellow hose on the engine manifold vacuum and hose on the valve manifold blue refrigerator compressor. "compressor that will fill the vacuum freon must advance to get maximum results in its cooling process because if not the first vacuum fridge can not cool and the compressor will quickly heat, do refrigerator compressors as well as the way vakum AC compressor"

2. After the vacuum process is finished at +30 minutes and the compressor on the meter pointer points below 0 psi /-30psi compressor is ready on the content of freon refrigerator, attach the hose to the valve manifold blue filling freon compressor * pipe * and yellow hose on the tube refrigerator freon .

3. Please note when filling freon refrigerator should not be too open manifold valve full open slowly and little by little * * Open and close valves should not exceed 10 psi.

4. At filling walking while in the check on the refrigerator body feel its warmth on the side of the refrigerator, when the fridge is too hot not to continue filling in the "STOP", please check back lane capillary tube and strainer. When the refrigerator side warm lukewarm freon CONTINUE content, refrigerator warm on the outside indicates normal circulation of freon in refrigerators.

5. Pairs of pliers on the cable compressor ampere meter to see him adjust amperage ampere meter as shown behind the fridge (name plate) amperage refrigerator is usually 0.5 to 0.9 amps depending on the size refrigerator. when amperage compressor had crossed the line standard means the compressor is weak.

6. When Freon refrigerator has reached 10psi pressure measuring devices * Freon * taps on the jar lid refrigerator and freon manifold gauge valves. To ascertain whether this freon fill successfully turn off the refrigerator first and notice the needle on the gauge manifold.

7. Manifold gauge needle at the time of the refrigerator in turn appoint the number at 50 psi to 100 psi., mean circulation freon goes well but when the needle on the manifold does not change (remain in the 10 psi) means that circulation is not normal freon, freon discard it and do again from scratch.
8. After the refrigerator on and turn off the freon pressure in normal view on the manifold gauge restart the refrigerator, but remember, after 5 to 10 minutes of new refrigerators are allowed in turn. * the standard rules of the refrigerator compressor manufacturers *

Before the refrigerator in the content of freon do first flushing afterwards in vacuum and in information content freo new, currently charging freon refrigerator in need patience and rilex while shipon coffee and enjoy a meal in the present owner of the refrigerator.

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