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repeater is a device which can receive digital

repeater is a device which can receive digital signals to be transmitted back and strengthen it. Repeaters can also long distance data transmission. in addition, repeaters can reduce the noice in the signal transmission coming.

Repeaters work at the level of physical layer in the OSI network model, the main task of the repeater is receiving a signal from one cable LAN and spread abroad back to another LAN cable

In wireless networks, repeaters are placed on tall buildings, towers, or peak mountain. it is intended that the received signal can be transmitted and received well, with the repeater, the distance waves that can be achieved by wireless networks are also increasingly distant.

Repeater does not have the ability to pass data to another computer that is in the broadcast domain or network ID of another, therefore the IP address given to computers that are in the same LAN usually has the same network.

For example, is a single broadcast domain is:
A PC that is in a network and a terminal with the IP to with subnet and PC B is located in 1 and 1 other network terminal with the IP to with a subnet 255 255 .255.0 then PC A that is in the network is called a broadcast domain and PC B is located on the network is in another broadcast domain.

The protocol used is IEEE 802.3 Ethernet uses the data flow pattern of Carrier Sense Multiple Access Collision Detection (CSMA-CD), by definition: that is a way of networking computers to check whether there is transmission of data by other parties. If no data transmission then the data by the other party will be sent. Ethernet networks are generally used only for half-duplex transmission, ie at a time can only send or receive only.
Hub and Repeater has only 1 collision domain, so that all computers are connected if one port is busy then the other ports have to wait.

Repeater is a lot of network equipment used to connect a computer to multiple computers. Repeter Hub and it worked on Physical Layer in the OSI model. Functions of Hub and Repeater is simple it is forwarding data packets sent from a PC without having the intelligence of a router that has a good destination IP filtering, MAC Address and others that only have the ability to forward it to the address that will be addressed.
Data sent by a computer will be delivered to the destination by spreading the news (broadcast) to all computers that are connected in one terminal (Hub / Repeater), consequently all the computers that are connected to receive data packets, and if in the same time there is another computer that sends data packets so that there is a crush or collision data, and this will affect the smooth flow of data within the network. Computer-computers that are in the same LAN will have the same broadcast or who called the broadcast domain.

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