Senin, 28 Maret 2011

Nova Power NiMH battery

Pilotage "Nova Power" NiMH battery packs are designed, selected, and assembled specifically to provide the highest level of reliability and power to your model. The battery cells in our Nova Power packs offer the optimal balance between high output power, weight, and long cycle life. A few of the outstanding features of our battery packs are:
Stable output voltage at high discharge rates
Low internal resistance, minimal cell heating while discharging
Excellent power supply for r/c models
Long cycle life

2/3A 4.8V Pilotage Nova Power1600mAh NiMH battery pack.

This battery pack is designed to supply stable power to the Rx for GP model aircraft. The pack is in stick shape with 4 2/3A cells in a row.

Prior to using this battery pack it is essential to fully charge

Attention: Note the polarity when connecting the battery pack to the Rx. Not following the proper polarity of connections risks damaging the electronic components of your Rx and/or creating a fire hazard.

Package contents: 1pc battery pack w/ wire and connector

Technical parameters:

Operating voltage, V: 4.8
Capacity, mAh: 1600
Number of cells, pcs: 4
Maximal charge current, A: 0.16
Length, mm: 67
Width, mm: 28
Height, mm: 17

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