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Fuel saver tool, + HHO Gas Generator

Fuel saver tool, + HHO Gas Generator
There are various questions that I get, ranging from how it works, how its safety until there is also a tool made us wonder why more expensive than other equipment is also called HHO generator.

For the following I want to give some explanation.

Our production equipment to produce gas by electrolysis (separating the liquid molecules by using electric energy), electricity for this process is taken from the remaining unused capacity battery for electric car needs. Gas HHO electrolysis results are then incorporated into the air filter was stirred with oxygen to fuel is sprayed into the room where gasoline or diesel fuel turned into steam. So the installation of this equipment in a car, not at all let alone modify change the engine.

So why this HHO can save fuel?

That's because HHO gas is a gas that serves as fuel with oktannya levels above 130, while the highest gasoline was just 87, Solar Shell Solar pertamina just 66 while only 30, which is why the benefits of our equipment has become more pronounced when mounted on a car with Diesel fuel. So here are like HHO Gas supplement.

Then, usually on an ordinary car engine there is always a 25-30% fuel is not burned completely and the emission. Well here in addition to HHO itself serves as a fuel, the existence of this HHO also makes the gasoline or diesel fuel burn more completely the primary car, which is why + HHO Gas Generator can save on fuel use more than 40%, and reduce emissions more than 80%.

In gasoline-fueled cars are still new, once fitted + HHO Gas Generator, I dare open my mouth directly in front of the exhaust, because the exhaust gas produced has become safer than cigarette smoke.

Actually we could have made the production of HHO is higher so the car can run with 100% water fuel without using fuel at all, but the problem is the engine that is now circulating all designed to work with fuel oil, so if the machine want to be forced to work with the material 100% water fuel, we must make many extreme changes in engine and alternator as well, because we need a bigger power supply and also how different machines work because HHO gas can generate heat up to 2700 degrees Celsius.

But although it can generate heat that high, the new Hydrogen will burn itself when heated ssampai 585 degrees Celsius, while only 230 gasoline and diesel 200 degrees Celsius.

But despite the heat generated by HHO higher, machines that use HHO it is cooler, it is because the use of HHO minimize the release of carbon, so the heat that occurs only in the combustion chamber, the opposite effect on the overall machine even more cold. For more heat energy is converted into energy of motion.

By design, production tools that we are obviously very much different from the tools that you mention. Our production equipment has been through a long research to be like now.

If you ever open information about this tool in google with keywords + HHO Gas Generator, you will find many people in various countries that develop such tools, ranging from very simple form of the generator to the already jam jar in a thick plastic battery box with pipe paralon tank. But because of all the products that are the result of a cottage industry, yet there is nothing to make such artificial means we are a factory-made with a uniform standard and quality.

Our artificial tool is designed to be placed easily in a car engine, equipped with electronic controls so that the tool can work fully automatically.

Why we do this, it's because as you probably also know, hydrogen gas is very dangerous if stored. Requirement to make a hydrogen storage cylinder is very tight, that's why we designed this tool to produce a straight HHO gas burned so batches.

Electronic controls that complement this we have designed our tools to make this tool automatically activated, only when the ignition is on, whereas if only the ignition is on, this tool will not work.

This is so we needed to do, because if this tool is working when the ignition is On and the machine does not return, it would be dangerous at all, because HHO is produced but not consumed, HHO will accumulate and when the machine is turned on HHO stack can produce a large explosion.

Electronic control is also useful to use at night, because the tool is to take the unused power from the battery, while we all know that at night, the car needs to turn on the lights, the battery power used by cars more than the consumption during the day.

Because of that, so battery is not worn out (as is also used to turn on the lights), when lighted lamps, electronic control on the tool is to make electricity consumption to power the HHO generator will go down automatically (this is why the fuel savings that could be assisted by the tool is more effective in usage during the day).

Electronic control is also useful for controlling the volume of water in the tank. Our tool is designed for direct die alias does not work when the volume of water has reached the minimum point, because if the water until they run out Elektrolizer in this tool will also be exhausted, to be able to function again appliance must add elektrolizer again, this is obviously inconvenient.

Our tool is also designed with 10 stage separator, so that when the appliance works and produces gas, the gas is sprayed into the engine it's really just gas that could burn, rather than water vapor. Through this stage, the water will still be left in the tank and will return to the generator to be changed back into HHO, that is why in hot normal circumstances we only need 1 / 2 liters of water every time the engine running for 48 hours with a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius is approximately about equivalent to car travel as far as 800 kilometers.

But before it becomes like now, we certainly have to perform lengthy research.

In addition to electronic controls that there are many other research that we needed to do.

This tool produces the HHO generator, the generator itself contains a metal which serves the anode and cathode as well as a chemical called elektrolizer, when the tool is electrified, then this tool began working to separate the water molecules.

Well for us this tool, we use High Nickel Chrome that can only be purchased outside the country as the anode and cathode. But before you decide to use the High Nickel Chrome to the anode and cathode for example, previously we've used different types of metals.

Then we also have been using various kinds of chemicals for elektrolizer, ranging from urine and coconut water for the funny-persiflage (both works fine) to use SODA elektrolizer which is the standard.

This we did, because based on our research, we find the fact that the type of metal (for the anode and cathode) and chemicals for elektrolizer, really determine the type of gas produced by this generator.

even to determine the type of gas that came out was we had to buy a special tool means that there is only sold in America. With this tool we know if the gases produced by electrolysis process is not just the HHO, but there is also a dangerous H2S is corrosive to metal because, besides that, there are also CO and NOx are within a certain percentage level can be very dangerous for health.

Here the percentage composition of substances that come out really depends on what metal we use as Anode and Cathode and what chemicals we use as elektrolizer. Now when using soda as elektrolizer, we found out a lot of gas which is corrosive H2S gas and metal-consuming, so we get rid of SODA tool, because the use of Soda as elektrolizer in the long term would be dangerous to the engine.

With that knowledge capital, then we tried variations of various chemicals for elektrolizer, any gas produced will be counted compositions carefully, if not perfect we try other compositions, this process lasted for months until we find the exact composition as it is now. The composition is very anti-SODA and SOAP.

What I described above was just to find the right composition for elektrolizer,

While the design process are also through the process more or less the same as we did against this elektrolizer, even to determine why this tool should be rounded form also, it is through research, because we know that this electrolysis process turned out to produce the pressure that is not small, so that would be dangerous if the generator were square shaped, because the square shape makes a weak spot on each side.

That's why our research takes up almost 3 years and spend about 4.5 billion fund, the fund had we spent that much because all the process I described above we did by trial and error, because it previously did not exist reference an adequate understanding of the tools we created this.

But that's all we had to do because since the beginning of this research we do, we already have a vision that this will be our tool of mass production and therefore we want to eliminate all potential underlying complaints from our potential customers.

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