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There's even a section that could freeze water (freezer)?

Why refrigerator can cool .. There's even a section that could freeze water (freezer)?

Let us pick out .. With the most easy way of course ..


OK, we start with the experiment 1:
Let us drops water into our hands. What we rasain?
Cool ..! Yes, bener ..! Cool ..! (In addition to wet course ..)

Why how cold?
Because, when the water evaporates, the water absorbs heat. So, leave the cold in our hands.


Continue to experiment 2:
Now that we dropped into the alcohol (Alcohol yes, not alcohol ..!). What we rasain?

Yes .. Colder than the water ..!

Because alcohol evaporates at a temperature lower than water. Suppose the water is evaporated at a temperature of 30 degrees, then the alcohol can evaporate at a temperature of 5 degrees talaga .. (This is just example .. Originally yes, I do not know .. ^_^).


Well, the above principle was used by the Refrigerator ..!
WOOOHOOO .. Dah see? Uh, not Dink .. Lanjuuuut if so ..


Ok, kalo pake earlier experiments, now we menghayal moment ..

Imagine, there are space beings (aliens) who live near the sun. Since it is very close to the sun, planets temperature 200 degrees Celsius .. According to this creature, the temperature 200 degrees Celsius, is the most comfortable temperature. (As the temperature 25 degrees Celsius for humans is ..)

One time, the aliens were the streets and suddenly discovered a bucket of water. Well, because the character of boiling water at a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius, of course he saw the water in a bucket of boiling condition ..

But, the alien does not work, she dipped her hand into the bucket .. And the alien was screaming ..
"Duiiingiiiin ..! Wow, cool ..! "


This case, the same as we dipped our hands into a bucket of Liquid Nitrogen. Because the temperature of boiling liquid Nitrogren -196, so if we put the bucket in the room, then it will boil the liquid nitrogren. But when we dipped our hands into the bucket, then we will immediately freeze the hands ..!


Now, with experiments and our imaginations before, we can easily understand how the Refrigerator.

Modern refrigerator, will use his refrigant (liquid coolant such as liquid nitrogen before), over and over again. As long as there are no leaks in pipes refrigerator, then refrigrant earlier can be reused for cooling and so on and so on ..

Well, to know the process, we still will use the case of an alien previously ..


The aliens measure in a bucket of boiling water temperature was 100 degrees Celsius. And the alien, is also trying to gather steam from the boiling water into the bag was great. And it turns out, the water vapor temperature of 200 degrees Celsius (the same as the planet's temperature.)

When all the water evaporates diember out, then all the water has been turned into water vapor which collected a large dikantong. Furthermore, the alien had entered the steam engine into a compress made of iron tubes. In the process of lawyer-pack of these, water vapor temperature to 400 degrees Celsius. And the iron becomes too hot temperature, 400 degrees celsius.

When the alien touched the metal tube, the alien feel the heat. Because, the temperature of the metal tube, is higher than the temperature of their planet is only 200 degrees Celsius.

Then, the alien mebiarkan iron tube of air and wind that hit their planet. Thus, the heat of an iron tube was carried by winds. Finally, the temperature of the iron tube tadipun fell back to 200 degrees Celsius (the same as the planet's temperature.) And steam in it went back into the water but the water is too compress.

Then, the aliens before, water was released back into the bucket. And of course, the water back to boil and evaporate.

Water vapor was collected again, is compressed again, and so on and so on ..


Now, we return to the real world. We see our refrigerator.

Alien = us.
Temperatures on the planet aliens = air temperature us.
The water in the bucket = (we replace with) pure ammonia, which boils at a temperature of -33 degrees celsius.

First (1):
Refrigerator compressor, compress ammonia gas. Gas that has been compressed temperatures were rising.

Two (2):
The pipes behind the refrigerator, let the hot ammonia gas because compressed before, got wind (but inside the pipe so, so not everywhere). Finally, the gas is in the pipe was too cold and turn into liquid but in a compressed condition.

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