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Know the basic components of a refrigerator

Know the basic components of a refrigerator
Talking Fridge problem that is familiar, because it may be said it is definitely not a luxury item, there is one that uses a type of refrigerator door (aka the snow / ice flower) and some that use two or more doors (not snowy). Well here we are trying to share information to the reader all about constraints, or what problems that often occur in two-door refrigerator units so that the result is not the coldness of the fridge. And we need to know the basic components of what is on a two-door refrigerator and a few ways to overcome them:
1 - Thermo-Fuse is mounted directly on Evapurator refrigerator. Check the door for most Evapurator this time, pull both ends of the thermo-fuse is then connected to the multytester with the size of x1 or x10 ohm ohms, if the needle moves up multytester appoint a figure that means component-fuse Themo still normal, but if otherwise if the needle moves up multytester not at all the same with the new damaged replace immediately.
2 - Fridge Timer is located in various places, like next to Compressor fridge and also there are in the bottom of the refrigerator door in unison with the lighting Thermostart refrigerator. If you want to check the condition of these components please disconnect the four wires are connected and one thing do not forget to mark / label the wires one by one, the intent is to facilitate the installation again. In the body there are refrigerators timer numbers 1-2-3-4, in most refrigerators timer 1 and 3 are for the current rotary motor (motor rotation timer), please test your legs number 1 and 3 using multytester (use a scale or x10 ohm X100 ohms) and if the needle moves up pointed to a number that means the timer motor coil is not broken, after that please you try to carefully connect the two legs Timer is the number 1 and 3 to direct electric current (220 volts) and then look at the body Timer is a small boxed transparent in intent is to look round toothed wheel, and if still spinning means refrigerators timer still could be in use but that does not mean turning a new change request.
3 - Thermo lies in Evapurator defrost refrigerator, Remove both ends of the cable is then put in another refrigerator that is still lit or in use and place in temperatures of minus / preezer refrigerator and then leave for a few minutes (approximately 5 to 10 minutes. If it is then test both ends of the cable with both ends of the sticks multitester with size x1 or x10 ohm ohms, if the needle moves up pointing a figure that means that there are normal / function, but if the needle does not move at all mean that these components is damaged, replace it with a new .
4 - Fan Motor is stored in the vicinity of / areas where there is Evapurator refrigerator. Relase cables that connect on both feet then take multytester Fan Motor and paste the two sticks on two legs multytester Motor Fan (non polarity), use the x10 ohm scale, if the needle moves up pointed to a number that means the coil (coil) is not damaged / burning (Fan motor still functioning or spinning). If you still doubt please you try to carefully connect the two feet of fan motors with electric current 220 volts, if not spinning it means Motor Fan bad, please replace with new.
5 - strainer or filter refrigerator, it is often also cause Refrigerator not cold because it was too dirty (the emergence of a blockage) that disrupts the circulation Refrigrant (known as Freon), which also pass through the capillary tube (capillary tube is a pipe with a hole diameter which very small, ranging from 0:27 "0:31" 0:54 "and 0.70").
6 - Compressor Refrigerator Well ... if this is the heart Refrigerator, Compressor is the pump Refrigrant (Freon). Arising effect is damage to the refrigerator compressor voltage is not stable (up and down) / voltage is too low so that performance becomes heavy Compressor (suggestions from our pairs of AVR / stabilizer) to avoid voltage instability, load load exceeds the capacity of the refrigerator, freezer too close with the wall / walls of the house, give the distance between the body wall of a refrigerator with a minimum of 30 cm for better air circulation, do not be too long to open the refrigerator door, make sure both the refrigerator door closed when you leave.
Petrol tank is water

Water entering into the gas tank can be derived from the gas cap that has a key hole, which also is breathing hole for the tank. This design is made for gasoline to fall by gravity into the carburetor (the pressure inside the gas tank = pressure outside).
Water entering the key hole (when the rain or wash the motor) does not directly fall into the tank. When a moving vehicle and petrol in the tank began to decrease, the air pressure inside the tank decreases. This will cause the difference between the pressure inside the tank and outside the tank. When the pressure difference is the greater, will be able to cause the water in the lock / tank breathing hole is sucked into the tank.
Dropwise water entering through the hole, so one time collected into many....

- Protect key hole cover from the raindrops / time to wash motor / car.
- If the suspect tank cap contains water, open the tank lid and Blow keyhole with pressurized air (with the mouth can also be ...) in such a way as to make sure that the water is gone from the key hole cover.

Next image Piping and Electrical diagram of a refrigerator door.

Re: GUIDE SERVICE refrigerator?

1.mem-vacuum system in a refrigerator Freon lines you can do by using the vacuum pump, but you can also use the other as a replacement refrigerator compressor vacuum pump and the most practical and unique way which is commonly used refrigerator technicians by installing additional capillary Filter Dryer as a way out of air in the system, after you install it you can turn on capillary refrigerator compressors and air will exit the system through the capillary was causing a vacuum in the compressor and evaporator, but there will be no vacuum in the condenser.

Freon 2. filling accurate reply is by weighing before freon-be loaded and the use of special equipment, but generally used the way which you mention is by measuring pressure and is measured in the range suction 1 more 2hours since first turned on during charging freon refrigerator because after the temperature in the fridge getting cold in the suction pressure decreases and the pressure is normally between 8-10 psi.

3. Freon should not mix with different types of chemical reactions and pressure for each different Freon, eg R-11 gas pressure was much lower than the R-12. But to R22 even higher.

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