Selasa, 22 Januari 2013

HP charger is broken

In light post this time we will discuss about how to fix the HP charger is broken or how to deal with a dead cell phone charger and it can not be used. Cell phone charger is an important device that is sometimes forgotten. When the charger is broken, we are frantically looking for a loan for a new charger to suit our HP. Price cell phone charger is quite affordable, ranging from 15 thousand to the good quality the price is rather expensive. But if we are concerned there is no longer time to buy a charger or no money, it does not hurt to try to fix it yourself. I've tried several times to fix HP's own charger and it turns out the average successful. The damage is not too serious and still be able to look for replacement parts. I used to have ever been written about the damage mobile phone charger here: Mobile Charger Damage Service. Damage HP charger is somewhat different from the notebook charger damage. Okay, now we continue with a discussion of how to fix the HP charger is broken, here I take the example of the portable charger is often called desktop charger. The advantages of the HP type desktop charger is that it can be used for various types of batteries. If we buy a new one, it costs about 15-25 thousand. Here we try to fix it yourself, which costs only 200 dollars needed to buy a resistor. I think we've unpacked charger, just look for the resistor is installed in series with the AC socket (socket that will be connected to the electricity grid). In many cases, resistors with low resistance values ​​which were damaged. The function of the resistor that is the fuse, so if there is a voltage spike can lead to broken resistor. Try replaced with a new resistor, usually charger is able to power up. The fuse resistor resistance value between 0.1 to 10 ohms. If it is not broke resistors, other breakable parts like tiny transistors on the converter or a diode rectifier.
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the power up and down

If you find out what caused the power up and down like so many factors that can influence it. PLN's existing residents in homes with an electrical alternating current (AC) voltage which at times can be up and down because of the surge. The cause electrical shorting or fire due to electric short circuit sometimes has something to do with the voltage that is less stable. If we look at the cause, it's nothing to do with the PLN power plants, due to the large supply that must be met resulting in a decline in tension, especially in the evening hours. Location away from the center of power and cabling system is less than perfect can also cause unstable voltage. For example, a rural region that is far from the main mast, or the installation of sub-standard cables then chances are greater the voltage fluctuates. The impact of the electricity up and down is very pronounced in electronics devices, such as a television or computer, it's no wonder that we find hard drives or computer sound off. The existence of voltage spikes that can lead to sudden supply voltage into unstable electronic device, generally is damage caused both serious and mild. In severe cases will result in a short-circuit and burn, so do not be surprised if a fire due to electrical short connected. To overcome the problem of unstable electricity can use a voltage stabilizer or better using UPS.
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Filaments CRT

Filaments CRT or CRT heater lamp is an important part in a series of television or computer monitor with a CRT screen. Filament lamp can be ignited by the heater voltage from the transformer converter or if the television set comes from the flyback. Voltage type on a computer monitor is not the same as the filament in the TV set. If the computer monitor filament lamps using DC voltage 6.3 volt, but if the TV set is turned on the lamp filament AC voltage is about 5 volts coming from FBT / flyback. If a CRT is used for too long or very long service life, it can cause damage to the filament lamp / light heater. Problems arising from damage to the filament can be characterized by the display image on the screen becomes dim / dark at all. To overcome the problem of an already weak filament lamp can be done with a bit of modification to the voltage heater. Can by grafting or by lowering the heater resistance value resistor on heater voltage lines. That's a little discussion about the heater lamp or filament lamp CRT monitors and televisions.
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car battery into electricity

If you are looking for a change of the current series of car battery into electricity or a tool that can change the battery voltage to the voltage, the answer is an inverter circuit. Inverters are electronic devices that function convert DC voltage into a high voltage AC power. Inverter circuit currents can change the batteries into AC power inverter or transformer because of the step-up transformer in it. An inverter is usually also serves as a charger batteries, so if the batteries in a fully charged state voltage, then the inverter circuit may be an appropriate charger. Learn more about understanding the inverter can you read my previous article about the inverter circuit. Where in the article I have discussed about the inverter circuit, so it seems I need not repeat here. The type of inverter circuit that can be covered in the market so many kinds. Starting from a small power inverter circuit to good quality and of course sold at higher prices. In addition to buying an inverter that has been in the form of goods, you can also self-assemble an inverter circuit according to need. Especially if you are someone who has a hobby with electronic circuits, it will not find it difficult to create your own inverter circuit for personal purposes such as to change the flow of the car battery for example.
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broken DVD player

This afternoon all of a sudden someone came who said he had a broken DVD player and that is always turned on the message 'no disc'. Actually I am a bit lazy to visit his house, but because it is the responsibility, so how else would. I relented and came to his house to check the condition of the DVD player. It turns out that the new DVD he brought yesterday from Yogyakarta, but there he was fine. After arriving in Gunung kidul, he does not want to turn round and always display the message 'no disc'. My assumption, so the possibility is still there, because the first item is still nice suddenly broken like that. However, if the damaged usually rare VCD player I received as likely to be very small. Moreover, if the damage is already in block m-peg or power supply, it should look similar to the type can be used to replace it. But that is because the new DVD is broken one day, is likely to flare again is still there, I hope. Soon I open the casing, was indeed looking into the dusty and dirty. Even a lot of dust that covers the mechanics to optical. After I saw the optical, the disease apparently in sight. Optical lens is covered by a thick dust, which is likely due to too much tilted at the time taken to make the dirt stuck in the optical. I immediately wash with brush, washed with optical cleaning, and I turn it on.
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blender crash damaged

It's been very long time I think I did not write about the person who tinkers electronics items on this blog, this time I will archive service blender is about to die, because some time ago there was a patient who complained blender crash damaged and can not function normally. judging from the damage seems indeed to fix the blender a bit easier than other electronic devices. The main component of the blend comprises an electric motor with the coil, as well as some motor speed control switch. Of damage is seen that the total dead blender, then there is a possibility that problems in the power cord, switch, or the electric motor. After I unloaded and carefully, it turns out both the cable and the switch still works fine. Seen physically, bike condition was not burned, the coil is still intact. Almost despaired at not finding a bright spot, but eventually I compared the concept of working the blender that is almost similar to the fan. If the fan if it would not turn, could have damaged the capacitor part to a drop spindle. Soon I was unloading rotor electric motor, and it turns out after the open-open interior, electric motor blender is indeed having problems. On the connection between the wire cable leading email with the switch having some sort of corrosion that can not be connected properly. Soon I cleaned and re-solder, all I suspected all parts re-solder. And apparently normal blender can be lit up again, so the repair was finished off blender that turns somewhat time consuming.
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speaker is dead because

Today was pretty busy, from early morning until 5 pm today I was busy working on a side project that is improving electronic devices. Starting from broken TVs, computers, to active speaker should die my fix. There are new things that I have found that damage to the digital model of the active speaker. I unpack just once active speakers with digital models include a remote control. Damage from the active speaker is totally dead. I thought that causes the active speaker is dead because the power supply is not working. But after I turned out the block power supply loading and having no problems. All components are intact and the voltage of the power supply is also normal. Not being met solving problems, I continue checking on the front cover which is also the place all the controls like volume, mute, and other controls that everything is digital. Once I open it and measure, it should be 5 volts voltage is not up to the digital blocks that eventually I call block program. What I suspect is likely to sprawl on the socket, so that the voltage of the power supply can not be entered into the program board. Old sort, eventually causing death-even powered speakers I have encountered is because there is one line of PCB on the block breaking program. PCB track is quite small and the 'hidden', so it was not so apparent when viewed from the outside. Following this section, I continued, was able to re-ignite the speakers. And I continue to work even with a remote control with microphone fix the damaged well together.
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cable TV is broken

One of the biggest obstacles when doing television repair, especially the antenna, antenna cable and antenna booster is the time to determine whether the cable is good or defective. Damaged here means the cable is broken, but because the fibers are broken it is, so it will not be visible when viewed from the outside, because the wires are still good physical condition. Signs damaged cable television usually can be seen from the channel or TV broadcast can not be captured by television, or TV images to black-and-white and full of noise. The things that cause the cable TV is broken is because the antenna is usually mounted on the outside of the house, causing brittle wires by rain and hot sun. There is a simple way to detect damage to the antenna cable, looking exactly which parts of the cord are damaged. The way I used to check the antenna cable that has long been used and know where the part to be cut or spliced. Unfortunately not, if you have to buy a new cable when the cable length can still be used? The trick is to use an analog multimeter, needle or small knife. First pull both ends of the wires so close together, and then tie the multimeter probe on one end of the cable, then the only probe that we will use to measure move along the wires. Then point the multimeter to measure the position of OHM, please note that the antenna cables are often damaged fibers are broken at the surface. So ignore the core part, we will measure the outer fibrous part (the part that wraps). Now after one multimeter probe mounted on the end of the cable, use a needle or a knife to stab the section you want to measure, for example, we take the middle part. Once the needle is attached to the cable, be sure that the needle of the fiber inside the cable, then connect the multimeter probe (measuring whether disconnected or not). Well, by the above we can see which parts of a broken cable, or the way in measuring needles on the cable move.
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Image closed temporarily corrugated blue sounds good

Image closed temporarily corrugated blue sounds good, there is a wave of color display screen that moves. Damage such as this picture will emerge after the TV is set up for a while. While people think that this kind of damage because there is damage to the video ic, or ic croma / layperson would think the screen is broken. Apparently after I come across so many cases of this kind of damage is any damage to the filter regulator suply elco Ic croma. Damage is most visible elco with damaged eye that elco that changes shape, color elcon elco or physical disability, pregnancy or the skin would peel. Replace it all elco such disrepair that there is no sign that the new elco same value price is not expensive anyway, but in this elco replacement was to consider is the position of the negative and positive. should not be to the upside. So before you take off elco which would be replaced should be considered a positive negative position. (The upside of this could be put elco fatal damage)
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tv there is sound but no picture

Damage tv there is sound but no picture, if the image does not appear the tv is turned on there is a sound like the radio, the screen does not come out the same light caecal like tv is not turned on, this kind of damage is common in some brands of tv. The layman thinks that the tv screen damaged or faulty IC picture. But from experience at my desk all this time I've encountered a lot of damage as it turns out the damage tv is not difficult. Ok. simply how to handle it Unplug the TV from the electrical contacts, and open stock closed casing. Clean the machine that much dust using a dry brush. Try Tv turned on and check the voltage G2nya good check to see if the filament voltage or hitler screen. For Lg Tv I was dealing with apparently normal G2nya voltage. After checking my screen turns filament voltage zero volts. And as soon as I noticed the filament screen does not light up at all, I just sort line and it is true there is a dropped Resistor, because the value of the resistor is not readable then I replace it with a 2.2 ohm resistor 2 what. Remember when replacing parts Tv must be switched off and be safe during the process of replacing the stock components tv relationships I unplug electrical contacts. When finished installing the new parts, I turn on the tv and have come up with the perfect image. Because the image is still good so I did not do scren setting and focus. My tv lid back and ready for submission to the owner as well as receive money.
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