Senin, 28 Maret 2011

Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)

Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) in principle have the same function as the generator Brushess Rectifier's just that the AVR is designed to be able to automatically regulate and control the supply voltage on exiter to add tension out on the main stator. AVR of generator functions to regulate, control and monitor the voltage coming out from the main stator based on the principle of feedback / feed back where the output is monitored to control the input so that a proper balance between voltage out to the voltage reference. so the voltage coming out of the generator is always constant with various levels of load.

1. When generators are connected electrical load, the electric current will flow in the stator windings
and magnitude in accordance with the electrical load is connected.
2. With the current flowing in the winding with iron core, then the resulting line-style line
magnets in the stator surface.
3. Lines of magnetic force lines has properties opposite the line of magnetic lines of force
caused by the spinning rotor pole pole.
4. With this resistance from the rotor magnetic force is reduced, so that the voltage generated
by the stator windings is reduced.
5. Trends that will drop the voltage detected by sensing input of the AVR and
compared with the reference voltage that is set.
6. With a voltage drop is smaller then the comparison with the reference voltage
so as soon as possible with the current AVR provides additional boost exciter.
7. The increase in current in the stator exciter effect on the resulting voltage exciter rotor.
And the effect is also against the currents to the main rotor, until the magnetic field generated
also increases.
8. The addition of a line equivalent to lines of magnetic force lines of resistance lines of force generated
stator winding currents.
9. Thus terbangkit voltage magnitude will remain.
10. Vice versa, if there is penguranganan weights, resistance of magnetic force become
smaller and with this trend will grow because the line voltage lines of force in
excessive main rotor.
11. The trend increase in voltage is detected by sensing input of the AVR and comparable
with a reference voltage that is set.
12. With tension rising, the ratio of voltage to be larger than the voltage
reference, so as soon as possible AVR reduces the flow in the exciter stator windings with
reduce the voltage exsitasi.
13. This will reduce the current in main winding rotor, until the magnetic force field down
for resistance to fall.
14. It can be concluded that the AVR will be able to adjust automatically increase and decrease flow so that the voltage generated exsitasi will remain with the various levels

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