Selasa, 22 Maret 2011

Gravity powered water pump that can pump water

Gravity powered water pump that can pump water from wells without the need for fuel or electricity would be a dream of all people. Already many eksperimenter juniors who drew the design and make prototype form in miniature and full scale.

Consultation with people who master the mechanics have done. Calculations have also been conducted and the results are very convincing that the pump must be able to work because of heavy water in the drum (4) is much greater than the weight of water in the pipe leading to the well (3). Everything was looking perfect and live tested. But unfortunately, the dream had been shattered when the prototype can not work as expected. Without know surrender, re-opened design drawings, the figures are recalculated, and the connections checked to see if there is a leak. But none of the errors or blemish to be found. It was decided to replace the pipes with different sizes, which toward the well replaced the smaller, while that toward greater faucet replaced. After trying again, but the result is nil and the pump still can not work. After several trial and error, eventually the eksperimenter juniors are frustrated and give up because of a painful defeat without ever knowing why. Since then, the eksperimenter junior explorers chose to stop the technology and back to being normal people again and menangalkan eksperimenternya status. Such was the bitter experience about which experienced some eksperimenter ever make gravity powered water pump as shown. Time, energy, thoughts, and money wasted with no result.

If eksperimenter are willing to learn fluid mechanics, would be able to find the problem that caused the failure of the pump without any frustration. Errors of a landslide that he did was wrong to identify the variables that affect the work system that was designed, namely:
• According to the assumptions, the total gravity of water that will work on the system. The principle is like a seesaw, if the power is greater than the burden would be lifted. Once calculated, the power (m 2 x h2) is greater than the load (m1 x h1). In conclusion, the pump would have worked.
• In fact the system is working is not based on the principle of a seesaw or lever, but based on the principle of fluid mechanics. So only the hydrostatic pressure and atmospheric pressure are influential in the system, while the total water gravity did not affect the working of the system. If counted, it turns out the pressure that drives water from C to B is greater than the pressure pushing the water from A to B so that no water may flow at A to C. Thus, the pump will never work.

In case of failure STIKA ABADI other experiments, such errors also occur in identifying variables that affect the system works. But it will be discussed in another article if one is curious.

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