Senin, 28 Maret 2011

Minimum System (sismin) microcontroller

Minimum System (sismin) microcontroller is an electronic circuit the minimum required for operation of microcontroller IC. Sismin This can then be connected with other circuits to perform certain functions. In the AVR microcontroller family, 8535 series is one series that is very widely used.

To create a series Atmel AVR 8535 sismin required several components, namely:
ATmega8535 microcontroller IC
XTAL 1 4 MHz or 8 MHz (XTAL1)
3 capacitor paper, two 22 pF (C2 and C3) and 100 nF (C4)
A 4.7 UF electrolytic capacitor (C12) 2 resistors of 100 ohms (R1) and 10 Kohm (R3)
1 button reset pushbutton (PB1)

In addition, of course, required power supply that can provide 5V DC voltage.

The series of minimum system is ready to receive the analog signal (ADC facility) on port A. Image of the circuit is as follows.

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