Selasa, 22 Januari 2013

tv there is sound but no picture

Damage tv there is sound but no picture, if the image does not appear the tv is turned on there is a sound like the radio, the screen does not come out the same light caecal like tv is not turned on, this kind of damage is common in some brands of tv. The layman thinks that the tv screen damaged or faulty IC picture. But from experience at my desk all this time I've encountered a lot of damage as it turns out the damage tv is not difficult. Ok. simply how to handle it Unplug the TV from the electrical contacts, and open stock closed casing. Clean the machine that much dust using a dry brush. Try Tv turned on and check the voltage G2nya good check to see if the filament voltage or hitler screen. For Lg Tv I was dealing with apparently normal G2nya voltage. After checking my screen turns filament voltage zero volts. And as soon as I noticed the filament screen does not light up at all, I just sort line and it is true there is a dropped Resistor, because the value of the resistor is not readable then I replace it with a 2.2 ohm resistor 2 what. Remember when replacing parts Tv must be switched off and be safe during the process of replacing the stock components tv relationships I unplug electrical contacts. When finished installing the new parts, I turn on the tv and have come up with the perfect image. Because the image is still good so I did not do scren setting and focus. My tv lid back and ready for submission to the owner as well as receive money.

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