Selasa, 22 Januari 2013

Filaments CRT

Filaments CRT or CRT heater lamp is an important part in a series of television or computer monitor with a CRT screen. Filament lamp can be ignited by the heater voltage from the transformer converter or if the television set comes from the flyback. Voltage type on a computer monitor is not the same as the filament in the TV set. If the computer monitor filament lamps using DC voltage 6.3 volt, but if the TV set is turned on the lamp filament AC voltage is about 5 volts coming from FBT / flyback. If a CRT is used for too long or very long service life, it can cause damage to the filament lamp / light heater. Problems arising from damage to the filament can be characterized by the display image on the screen becomes dim / dark at all. To overcome the problem of an already weak filament lamp can be done with a bit of modification to the voltage heater. Can by grafting or by lowering the heater resistance value resistor on heater voltage lines. That's a little discussion about the heater lamp or filament lamp CRT monitors and televisions.

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