Selasa, 22 Januari 2013

Image closed temporarily corrugated blue sounds good

Image closed temporarily corrugated blue sounds good, there is a wave of color display screen that moves. Damage such as this picture will emerge after the TV is set up for a while. While people think that this kind of damage because there is damage to the video ic, or ic croma / layperson would think the screen is broken. Apparently after I come across so many cases of this kind of damage is any damage to the filter regulator suply elco Ic croma. Damage is most visible elco with damaged eye that elco that changes shape, color elcon elco or physical disability, pregnancy or the skin would peel. Replace it all elco such disrepair that there is no sign that the new elco same value price is not expensive anyway, but in this elco replacement was to consider is the position of the negative and positive. should not be to the upside. So before you take off elco which would be replaced should be considered a positive negative position. (The upside of this could be put elco fatal damage)

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