Selasa, 22 Januari 2013

the power up and down

If you find out what caused the power up and down like so many factors that can influence it. PLN's existing residents in homes with an electrical alternating current (AC) voltage which at times can be up and down because of the surge. The cause electrical shorting or fire due to electric short circuit sometimes has something to do with the voltage that is less stable. If we look at the cause, it's nothing to do with the PLN power plants, due to the large supply that must be met resulting in a decline in tension, especially in the evening hours. Location away from the center of power and cabling system is less than perfect can also cause unstable voltage. For example, a rural region that is far from the main mast, or the installation of sub-standard cables then chances are greater the voltage fluctuates. The impact of the electricity up and down is very pronounced in electronics devices, such as a television or computer, it's no wonder that we find hard drives or computer sound off. The existence of voltage spikes that can lead to sudden supply voltage into unstable electronic device, generally is damage caused both serious and mild. In severe cases will result in a short-circuit and burn, so do not be surprised if a fire due to electrical short connected. To overcome the problem of unstable electricity can use a voltage stabilizer or better using UPS.

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