Selasa, 22 Januari 2013

broken DVD player

This afternoon all of a sudden someone came who said he had a broken DVD player and that is always turned on the message 'no disc'. Actually I am a bit lazy to visit his house, but because it is the responsibility, so how else would. I relented and came to his house to check the condition of the DVD player. It turns out that the new DVD he brought yesterday from Yogyakarta, but there he was fine. After arriving in Gunung kidul, he does not want to turn round and always display the message 'no disc'. My assumption, so the possibility is still there, because the first item is still nice suddenly broken like that. However, if the damaged usually rare VCD player I received as likely to be very small. Moreover, if the damage is already in block m-peg or power supply, it should look similar to the type can be used to replace it. But that is because the new DVD is broken one day, is likely to flare again is still there, I hope. Soon I open the casing, was indeed looking into the dusty and dirty. Even a lot of dust that covers the mechanics to optical. After I saw the optical, the disease apparently in sight. Optical lens is covered by a thick dust, which is likely due to too much tilted at the time taken to make the dirt stuck in the optical. I immediately wash with brush, washed with optical cleaning, and I turn it on.

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