Selasa, 22 Januari 2013

cable TV is broken

One of the biggest obstacles when doing television repair, especially the antenna, antenna cable and antenna booster is the time to determine whether the cable is good or defective. Damaged here means the cable is broken, but because the fibers are broken it is, so it will not be visible when viewed from the outside, because the wires are still good physical condition. Signs damaged cable television usually can be seen from the channel or TV broadcast can not be captured by television, or TV images to black-and-white and full of noise. The things that cause the cable TV is broken is because the antenna is usually mounted on the outside of the house, causing brittle wires by rain and hot sun. There is a simple way to detect damage to the antenna cable, looking exactly which parts of the cord are damaged. The way I used to check the antenna cable that has long been used and know where the part to be cut or spliced. Unfortunately not, if you have to buy a new cable when the cable length can still be used? The trick is to use an analog multimeter, needle or small knife. First pull both ends of the wires so close together, and then tie the multimeter probe on one end of the cable, then the only probe that we will use to measure move along the wires. Then point the multimeter to measure the position of OHM, please note that the antenna cables are often damaged fibers are broken at the surface. So ignore the core part, we will measure the outer fibrous part (the part that wraps). Now after one multimeter probe mounted on the end of the cable, use a needle or a knife to stab the section you want to measure, for example, we take the middle part. Once the needle is attached to the cable, be sure that the needle of the fiber inside the cable, then connect the multimeter probe (measuring whether disconnected or not). Well, by the above we can see which parts of a broken cable, or the way in measuring needles on the cable move.

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