Selasa, 22 Januari 2013

speaker is dead because

Today was pretty busy, from early morning until 5 pm today I was busy working on a side project that is improving electronic devices. Starting from broken TVs, computers, to active speaker should die my fix. There are new things that I have found that damage to the digital model of the active speaker. I unpack just once active speakers with digital models include a remote control. Damage from the active speaker is totally dead. I thought that causes the active speaker is dead because the power supply is not working. But after I turned out the block power supply loading and having no problems. All components are intact and the voltage of the power supply is also normal. Not being met solving problems, I continue checking on the front cover which is also the place all the controls like volume, mute, and other controls that everything is digital. Once I open it and measure, it should be 5 volts voltage is not up to the digital blocks that eventually I call block program. What I suspect is likely to sprawl on the socket, so that the voltage of the power supply can not be entered into the program board. Old sort, eventually causing death-even powered speakers I have encountered is because there is one line of PCB on the block breaking program. PCB track is quite small and the 'hidden', so it was not so apparent when viewed from the outside. Following this section, I continued, was able to re-ignite the speakers. And I continue to work even with a remote control with microphone fix the damaged well together.

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