Selasa, 22 Januari 2013

blender crash damaged

It's been very long time I think I did not write about the person who tinkers electronics items on this blog, this time I will archive service blender is about to die, because some time ago there was a patient who complained blender crash damaged and can not function normally. judging from the damage seems indeed to fix the blender a bit easier than other electronic devices. The main component of the blend comprises an electric motor with the coil, as well as some motor speed control switch. Of damage is seen that the total dead blender, then there is a possibility that problems in the power cord, switch, or the electric motor. After I unloaded and carefully, it turns out both the cable and the switch still works fine. Seen physically, bike condition was not burned, the coil is still intact. Almost despaired at not finding a bright spot, but eventually I compared the concept of working the blender that is almost similar to the fan. If the fan if it would not turn, could have damaged the capacitor part to a drop spindle. Soon I was unloading rotor electric motor, and it turns out after the open-open interior, electric motor blender is indeed having problems. On the connection between the wire cable leading email with the switch having some sort of corrosion that can not be connected properly. Soon I cleaned and re-solder, all I suspected all parts re-solder. And apparently normal blender can be lit up again, so the repair was finished off blender that turns somewhat time consuming.

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