Selasa, 22 Januari 2013

HP charger is broken

In light post this time we will discuss about how to fix the HP charger is broken or how to deal with a dead cell phone charger and it can not be used. Cell phone charger is an important device that is sometimes forgotten. When the charger is broken, we are frantically looking for a loan for a new charger to suit our HP. Price cell phone charger is quite affordable, ranging from 15 thousand to the good quality the price is rather expensive. But if we are concerned there is no longer time to buy a charger or no money, it does not hurt to try to fix it yourself. I've tried several times to fix HP's own charger and it turns out the average successful. The damage is not too serious and still be able to look for replacement parts. I used to have ever been written about the damage mobile phone charger here: Mobile Charger Damage Service. Damage HP charger is somewhat different from the notebook charger damage. Okay, now we continue with a discussion of how to fix the HP charger is broken, here I take the example of the portable charger is often called desktop charger. The advantages of the HP type desktop charger is that it can be used for various types of batteries. If we buy a new one, it costs about 15-25 thousand. Here we try to fix it yourself, which costs only 200 dollars needed to buy a resistor. I think we've unpacked charger, just look for the resistor is installed in series with the AC socket (socket that will be connected to the electricity grid). In many cases, resistors with low resistance values ​​which were damaged. The function of the resistor that is the fuse, so if there is a voltage spike can lead to broken resistor. Try replaced with a new resistor, usually charger is able to power up. The fuse resistor resistance value between 0.1 to 10 ohms. If it is not broke resistors, other breakable parts like tiny transistors on the converter or a diode rectifier.

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