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Techniques to measure capacitor

Techniques to measure capacitor

This component is very small in size, the size of his father until his son ant ant hehehe .. although there is still an ant the size of his grandmother again *******. Do not because of its small size and then we ignore this component. The capacitor is always used in electronic circuits, phone one of them. This component has an important role as:

1. As coupling between the series with one another, for his AC waveform can be smooth / flat. Ordinary capacitors used in the series of high-frequency and audio signal, the capacitor is mounted in series and parallel.

2. As filter / rectifiers in the circuit power supply / regulator. In this series capacitor is always installed in parallel.

The working principle of capacitors can be likened to a water reservoir (Toren), the larger the size the greater the capacity of the water. Similarly, the capacitor can hold the voltage and will dispose of its cargo when needed. Capacitors have a different size, of course, tailored to their needs. Units from this capacitor is called the "farad", one farad is too large size of course. In electronic circuits, the size of the largest capacitor size Micro farad, abbreviated to UF. Example: 1 UF (micro farad) = 1000nF (Nano farad), 1NF = 1000pf (pico farad).

On the phone machine, the capacitor has a value different from one another, for example: 1u0 (1 micro farad), 2N2 (2.2 nano farad), 4n7 (4.7 nano farad), 2p7 (2.7 pico farad), etc. .

Capacitors are often broken, of course this will result in phone becomes problematic. Although mobile phones have IC as its main component, but these capacitors will be a determinant of performance IC. Capacitor damage most often we find them: Short or reduced in value (not in accordance with the values ​​that should be). Maybe you often have problems in Nokia BB5 that there is no signal, it turns out after replacement 2N2 capacitors located in the Loop Filter VCO, the signal directly Hp normal. While the capacitor is not short but that is not appropriate value. Therefore, you should measure the value of this capacitor. Whether you will use the capacitor which used or new, should you measure your work first so step right.
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Measuring instrument that we can use
AVO-Meter just digital only capable of measuring the value of the capacitor, and even then not all of the AVO-Meter Digital has this facility. Not the issue price of kok ... as an example: Last month I bought from an electronics store, it costs only Rp.45.000. not only a ferocious-looking, but okay pretty accurate too .. hehehhe If you are going to buy a digital AVO-Meter, please make sure to have the "CX",

How to use it

1. Make probe cable used to deh ... easy living cut edges and solder like this
2. After probe cable ready, we jack wrote to the "CX"
3. Set selector, adjust the capacitor values ​​with which we will measure. For example: we will measure the capacitor 2N2, then we play it live to "20n".
4. Capasitor which we will measure should we release the first of PWB, then connect capacitors with Probe AVO-Meter. Gak apa2 although probes from the opposite, because the capacitor Mobile rata2 non-polar (non-polarity of negative / positive).

Note: The results of measurement will not be 100% equal to the value of capacitors, the tolerance of 10%. Let's say you are measuring capacitor 2N2, the AVO-Meter displays "2:00". This capacitor can be ensured in good condition and can be used. However, if the value is more or less than the value of tolerance, you can bet this capacitor is damaged (not suitable to be used).

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