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Faraday's Law

Faraday's Law
The direction of the electric field at some point can be described graphically using this style. concept lines put forward by Michael Faraday in which reads:

A line of force in an electric field is a line style that was described when the tangent line at each of its point shows the direction of the electric field at that point.

Lines of force toward the exit of positive charge and the entrance to to load negative. to show the lines of force directions can be performed the experiment as follows:

Strong electric field at a point in space is proportional to the number of lines of force per unit surface area perpendicular to the electric field at that point. can be concluded that the strong electric field will feel stronger when the distance between the two charges are close together.

So the lines of force generated very tight. otherwise if the two charges are far apart, the strong electric field that is formed will be weak.

The use of electric potential can be connected with the concept of an electric field, the basics of electrical circuits as well as practical problems associated with electrical devices. to explain the definition and properties of two dots in each other and the potential difference lies in an electric field as a potential difference between two points.

Potential difference between two points is the work done per unit charge if the charge is moved. in SI units, units of electrical potential difference is the volt (abbreviated V), with 1 volt = 1 joule / coloumb. electric potential can be defined as the ratio of electrical energy to the charge that point.

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