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Attic Breeze fans are made with all metal construction

Attic Breeze offers both the most durable and powerful solar powered ventilation products available. Using only the highest quality parts and materials, Attic Breeze manufactures solar attic fans and solar powered ventilation products that will stand up to the harshest weather conditions time after time. Attic Breeze fans are not the cheapest solar powered attic fans on the market, but they are most definitely the best.

What makes Attic Breeze the best fan on the market?

Attic Breeze fans are made with all metal construction, not plastic like most other fans. In addition, the seams are welded instead of being fastened with pop rivets (which can wear loose from vibrations and leak or crack). Corrosion resistant zincalume alloy and stainless steel materials are used to ensure weather resistance and durability.

Attic Breeze uses high quality monocrystalline solar cells which are more efficient and longer lasting then industry standard polycrystalline cells. In addition, Attic Breeze builds the only 25 watt solar powered attic fans on the market. Capable of moving up to 1550 CFM, it typically takes two or three of the competitors fans to achieve the same performance as one Attic Breeze fan.

Attic Breeze fans include a thermal switch standard on all products. This switch allows the fan to shut down when attic temperatures fall below the preset range. The fan can also be opperated without the switch in northern climates to help control moisture during the winter.

Attic Breeze fans feature ultra quiet operation. This fan produces less then 1 sone (30 dB).

Attic Breeze fans are made in the USA. In fact, they are made in Texas where thunderstorms carry large hail and high winds. With a rugged construction and high quality materials, this fan is built to last a lifetime. Attic Breeze has so much confidence in this fan that it comes with an industry best Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty.

olar attic fans offer an environmentally friendly and economical solution to summer time cooling problems resulting from attic heat penetrating your home's insulation. During the summer, attic temperatures can soar to over 150°F, keeping your attic hot throughout the day and well into the night. The higher the temperature of your attic, the less effective your attic insulation will be at stopping heat from entering your home.

Installation of a solar attic fan on your home minimizes the amount of heat entering through the attic by reducing your attic temperature. By minimizing the amount heat entering your home, you will save money on your summer cooling bill and make your house feel more comfortable (see diagrams

Attic Breeze residential and commercial solar powered ventilation fans offer many advantages over competitive products:
Zincalume alloy vent housing (superior corrosion resistance for costal climates), comes standard with all Attic Breeze ventilation products
Powerful 14 inch aluminum fan capable of moving over 1550 CFM of airflow (energy efficient design and ultra quiet operation)
Models available with solar panel either directly attached to attic vent unit or with remote mounted solar panel options
More options available than any other competitive product
All solar attic vent units are manufactured with thermal switch included at no additional charge ($20-$30 charge with other manufacturers!)
Attic vent units available in heavy-duty powder coated finishes (black, brown, or gray), or unpainted zincalume alloy.
High-efficiency, industrial grade monocrystalline solar panels, made with high strength tempered glass
Durable all metal design and construction capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions and high winds
Offers a "green building solution" for your home, warehouse, farm, or workshop design
Products may qualify for incentives in your area reducing purchase and installation costs by several hundred dollars
All residential and commercial products are covered by the best warranty available in the the industry

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