Rabu, 15 Juni 2011

Aquatic Energy’s solution is to offer industry-leading

In the past five years, the price of food and fuel have risen to new heights, accompanied by mounting climate and food pressures.
Aquatic Energy’s solution is to offer industry-leading, affordable algae biotechnology that can replace fossil fuels, boost nutrition in foods and provide essential ingredients for vitamins, cosmetics and other life-enhancing products.

That’s because algae are the fastest-growing plants in nature, yielding more usable oil and meal than any traditional crops, including soybean and corn. Plus, algae can be harvested quickly, efficiently and without producing particulate, pollution or toxins.

To make the most of algae, Aquatic Energy’s world-class team of commercial algae experts and business leaders apply their best thinking and skills, backed by the insights and experience of our scientific, governmental and energy advisors.

Together, we’ve created the right algae solution. It combines the right strategy, species, science and strategic location to produce algae with the right scale — in a way that’s sustainable. The result is a product that is more cost-effective than other biofuel crops and the algae produced by our competitors.

Here’s how: We employ state-of the-art technology, using a proprietary strain of algae. The algae flourish in an ideal setting — a freshwater, open-pond farm in Louisiana. This growing environment resists disease, weeds, insects and competing strains, without displacing agricultural land or using potable water. Our production process and techniques for delivering high-quality algal oil and meal are clean and carbon neutral — yielding the largest amounts of usable algae products .

The result is a natural renewable energy source that can be used to produce the world’s fuel, human and animal food, vitamins, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, while respecting the earth and other life forms.

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