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Op-Amp amplifier would strengthen the reverse voltage at the input and reverse the result of strengthening it, so the output of this circuit will always have an opposite polarity input signals.

Strengthening the voltage on this circuit is specified by
The output voltage is obtained by multiplying the input voltage is known by a factor strengthening, or
Minus signs are ignored in the calculation because only show that the opposite phase output against input.

The amplifier is not turned
In this configuration the feedback is used to set the permanent strengthening of the input provided on the reverse, but given the input Vin is not flipped so that the output voltage will always be phase with the grid input voltages.
To get the tension reinforcement can be searched by the following equation
To obtain the output voltage can be found by multiplying the input voltage is known by a factor strengthening, or

Summing amplifier voltage
By using reverse amplifier circuit base and add resistors to the other input, we can make a summing amplifier reverse. Output voltage is reversed and it is equal to the algebraic sum of each input voltage multiplication with the results for the input resistor with a corresponding feedback resistor, or can be expressed as follows

Spare RF / RN (VN) in the formula above states that in such settings may have more than two entries. When all external resistor equal in value (Rf = R1 = R2 = ... = RN), the output can easily can be calculated as the algebraic sum of each input voltage, or

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