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LPC (short for Lars Pensjö C) is an object-oriented programming language derived from C and developed originally by Lars Pensjö to facilitate MUD building on LPMuds. Though designed for game development, its flexibility has led to it being used for a variety of purposes, and to its evolution into the Pike programming language.

LPC syntax places it in the family of C-like programming languages, with C and C++ its strongest influences.

Discover the performance of the LPC2468 ARM7TDMI-S based microcontroller with the LPC-Stick! The LPC-Stick is a small modular evaluation kit with optional extension boards. The LPC-Stick package provides target hardware with the LPC2468 microcontroller from NXP, external SRAM, user pins and LEDs for applications use. Combined with the proven USB debugger device connection and the non-limited HiTOP development tools, the LPC-Stick allows full access to all chip features, debugging and programming.

To provide access to the most external capabilities of the LPC2468 chip, the Stick allows to connect various extension boards via an 80 pin extension connector. The toolset does not require any power supply or cables – just install the tools and run the demo application! Make your first steps with the demo application and the graphical user interface: Debugging and user communication via USB at the same time!

The LPC-Stick package contains:
LPC-Stick hardware with LPC2468 microcontroller (ARM7TDMI-S CPU core + Ethernet, USB/OTG, CAN), Extension connector, User LEDs, user IO…
Stick demo application with GUI control software
HiTOP5 IDE and debugger
GNU C/C++ compiler
Tasking VX-Toolset (limited evaluation version)
USB interface for debugging, programming and virtual COM port for user application
CD containing toolchain and useful information and datasheets

To fit future requirements Hitex decided to give the user the best possible access to the LPC2468 features. Providing a high number of pins the designers implemented the LPC extension connector.

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