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The series Downloader / Programmer AT89S51/AT89S52

Atmel is a considerable AT89S51/AT89S52 product in the market for less than 20 thousand dollars. To start learning this type of microcontroller 89S51 we need a programmer and circuit Downloader. Programmer is a hardware device used to enter machine language program compiling our code in the microcontroller.

picture above shows the circuit diagram in system programmer interface, the power to the interface provided by the target system. The 74HCT541 ic isolate and buffer the parallel port signals. It is necessary to use the HCT type ic in order to ensure that the programmer should also work with 3V type parallel port.

Husband downloader circuit scheme can be used to program the serial devices 89S and AVR series devices are pin compatible to 8051, such as the 90S8515. For other AVR series devices the user can create an adapter board to the pin 20, 28 and 40. pin numbers indicated in parentheses according to the PC parallel port

The following are the main features of this software,

Read / write the Intel Hex file
Read the signature, lock and fuse bits
Remove / Fill the buffer memory
Verify with memory buffer
Reload current Hex File
Display buffer checksum
Programs & fuses bits of the selected key
Auto hardware detection

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