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Measuring Elco With Multitester


Another name is the condenser. Is a component consisting of 2 metal plates separated by insulators. Insulator shows the name of the capacitor. The size of the capacitor is the farad.

1 farad (F) = 1 million micro-farad (F)
1 micro-farad (F) = 1.000 nano-farad (nF)
1 nano-farad (nF) = 1.000 pico farad (pF)

The nature of the capacitor is to receive electric current and store it in a relatively.

As for the type - the type of capacitors based on isolator are as follows:

a. Condenser Electrolytes / Elco (condenser which has a polarity, leg and foot + -)
b. Ceramic condenser
c. Mylar condenser
d. Mika condenser
e. Condenser paper

The use of capacitors in series:
• As rectifiers
• For storage of electric current

Capacitor in circuit symbol is "C" and drawing symbols are:

How to Read Capacitors Ceramic / Mica / Mylar

For example, in the capacitor body 103 lettering means:
• Figure I: represents the number
• Figures II: represents the number
• Figures III: represents the number zero and its size in pico farads.
So the capacitor value is 10,000 pF = 10 nF = 0.01 UF.

Measuring Elco With Multitester

1. Play limit measure on the ohmmeter X1 / X10 to elco large size and X100 / X1K to elco a little.
2. Connect the probe to each foot Elco (back and forth the same thing)
3. See appointment needle on the scale board.

Conclusion Measurement Results

• The needle pointed to numbers and back into place: good elco
• The needle pointed to the number and did not return to its original place: leaked elco
• The needle is not moving at all: elco end
• The needle pointed to the number zero: elco short

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