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Mica dielectric

Mica dielectric obviously form the basis for silver mica capacitors. Set of performance properties of silver mica capacitors. It is also one of the first dielectric material used for the capacitor in the early days of wireless or a combination of stability and general physical and mechanical attributes.

Although there are various forms of mica, they all have very similar properties. They are basically very stable both mechanically and chemically, allowing capacitors manufactured with mica to show similar properties. The material has a dielectric constant ranging from about 5 to 7.

It also found that the crystal structure of mica have different binding strengths in different aircraft. In one plane they were strong, but weak in the plane perpendicular. This gives a layered structure and allow it to be spilled along the lines of weak bonds into very thin flat sheet. Sheets used in the manufacture of capacitors is less than about 0.025-0.1 mm.

Natural mica must be carefully selected because some samples containing impurities including, iron, sodium, iron oxide, and lithium. This introduces some variability into each mica that can be used for the manufacture of capacitors and therefore should be carefully reviewed and categorized. This is one reason why silver mica capacitors are more expensive than other types which have less manual intervention.

Mica is chemically very stable and chemically inert. Mika does not react with oil, water, acid alkaline lot, and solvents. As a result of this, aging does not occur to the main level, and variation of water vapor in the atmosphere does not cause undue variation in the overall performance of the capacitor.

Although more expensive than other dielectric, mica is the ideal form for the capacitor dielectric of very high performance such as silver mica capacitors. Summary of the properties of mica are given below:

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