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flux capacitor

When a current I flows, it creates a magnetomotive force NI = F which results in magnetic flux Φ. When talking about magnetic circuits, we are always talking about a system of permeable material, so the flux is carried primarily in the core pieces, and divided among them by Ohm's law (or as I like to say, Magnetohm's law). Instead of voltage, we have amperage; instead of current, we have flux; instead of resistance, we have reluctance. Curiously, rather than dissipating power, the system stores energy -- unlike an electric circuit containing resistances!

In this example, the left hand core segments, including the segment with the winding, represent a "source reluctance" R1. The center leg consists of two materials, one with permeability μ1 and resulting reluctance R2, and another of μ2 and reluctance R3. The right path is in parallel with the center leg, shunting some flux through R4.

So that serves as an introduction to magnetic circuits. You can see they are similar to simple electrical circuits, and they are analyzed the same way. Since reluctance is analogous to resistance, perhaps we can concieve of a component analogous to the capacitor. Replacing V with F, I with Φ, we get:
If you look at the voltage on the winding applying the MMF, you see EMF = -NdΦ/dt, good old Faraday's law. For a sinusoidial current on the left hand circuit, the resulting EMF is the derivative of the current, so it is phase shifted by 90° and no power is drawn on average. In the right hand circuit, however, the flux itself is phase shifted, so the EMF is the second derivative, and is always in phase with current. Evidently, a flux capacitor wouldn't be very useful for time travel, as it is simply a frequency-dependent resistor! You always suspected Doc Brown was a crackpot -- now you know.

A flux capacitor is a modern technological generator and it fails to work within reason. Many people are so frustrated with it that scientists are willing to create one that will be continuous. What was the point in making one? The purpose being, you wouldn't be able to time travel without it, for safety reasons. Time travel would practically be impossible without it, you couldn't travel among the cosmos.

A primary cause of flux capacitor failure of function is flux induction. Flux induction cancels the effects of flux capacitance and is the principle behind the standard galactic formula for Flux Factor:

Where FF is Flux Factor, ΦC Capacitive Flux and ΦC is Inductive Flux.

Parasitic flux inductance is encountered in all flux circuits since no one has found away to completely eliminate it because it's impossible due to the omnipresence of metaphysical parasites otherwise known as religious thoughts. It's a good job since it would infinitely amplify Gay Fusion and spell the end of creation for all forms of caffeine, the primary source of nerd inspiration and nurishment.

The volumetric range of flux capacitance is only limited by the body shell of a DeLorean thus flux inductors are a standard fit precautionary measure in all potentially flux capacitive installations as the cost of building giant DeLoreans around such installations in prohibitively expensive. Failure to contain the range of a flux capacitive installation could cause Conservapedia to become far-left propaganda, since there is no theoretical upper limit. Therefore flux capacitance must be contained to prevent godless liberal trash injecting facts and reason into populist movements or government decision making.

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