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electrical transformer and some of its components

Transformer or power transformer is a device used to convert AC line voltage, transformers made from two coils wrapped around a soft iron ring.

The coil is connected to a voltage source called the primary coil and the coil where the result is called the secondary coil. When the switch is connected, electricity flows through the primary coil and soft iron turn into a magnet.

Galvanometer needle moves a moment and go back to zero. When the switch is disconnected, the electricity stops flowing in primary coil so that the ring lost kemagnetannya, and the galvanometer needle moves back to a moment in the opposite direction.

By changing the direction of electric current continuously, then the magnetic poles will also change continuously

Electricity generated by the coil secondary coil only for a moment because this is only changing the number of lines of magnetic force when power is switched on or when power is turned off.

By connecting the primary coil to the AC power source, the electric currents are always changing, always changing the magnetic poles and coil secondary continuously changing magnetic lines of force and produce power continuously

So that the coil secondary continuously generate electricity, then he should change the magnetic lines of force continually, that is by changing the pole-pole magnets continuously
electrical transformer and some of its components:

1. Iron core
Electrical transformer iron core serves to simplify the way flux, magnetic posed by electric current through the coil. Made of thin steel plates are insulated to reduce heat (as the iron losses) generated by Eddy Current.

2. Transformer coil
Transformer coil is a few winding insulated wire forming a coil or coils. The coil consists of a primary coil and secondary coil are well insulated against the iron core and to the inter-coil with solid insulation such as cardboard, pertinak and others. The coil as a means of transformation of voltages and currents.

3. Transformer Oil
Transformer oil is one of the liquid insulating material used as insulation and coolant in the transformer.
• As part of the insulating material, the oil must have the ability to resist breakdown voltage, whereas
• as a transformer coolant oil should be capable of reducing the heat generated,
so with both the ability of the oil is expected to be able to protect the transformer from the disorder.

Electrical transformer oils have an element or compound contained hydrocarbons are paraffinic hydrocarbon compounds, hydrocarbon compounds naftenik and aromatic hydrocarbon compounds. Besides the three compounds, transformer oils still contain a compound called additives although its content is very small.

The types of equipment maintenance are as follows:
Predictive Maintenance (Conditional Maintenance) is a maintenance yangd ilakukan way to predict the condition of an electric equipment, if and when electrical equipment is likely to fail. With
predict these conditions can be known early symptoms of damage. Commonly used way is to monitor the condition of them online either at the equipment to operate or not operate. This requires equipment and
specialized personnel for analysis. Maintenance is also called maintenance based on condition (Condition Base Maintenance).

Preventive Maintenance (Time Base Maintenance)

maintenance activities are undertaken to prevent damage to the equipment suddenly and to maintain the optimum performance of equipment according to technical age. This activity is performed periodically with reference
to: Instruction Manual of the plant, the existing standards (IEC, CIGRE, etc.) and operating experience in the field. Maintenance is called
also with time-based maintenance (Time Base Maintenance).
Corrective Maintenance

is performed with planned maintenance at certain times when abnormal electrical equipment or the performance
low work function at run time in order to restore the original condition with repairs and improvements
installation. Maintenance is also called curative maintenance, which can be a trouble shooting or replacement of part / section of damaged or poorly functioning conducted with the plan.
Breakdown Maintenance

maintenance is carried out after the damage occurred suddenly that the timing is not certain and its emergencies.
Implementation of maintenance equipment can be divided into two kinds:
1. Maintenance of monitoring and carried out by operators or
patrol officer for an unattended substation (Gito - Without substation
2. In the form of cleaning and maintenance measurements made by
maintenance officer.

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