Selasa, 05 Juli 2011

LED drivers

Intersil's new LED drivers provide the best accuracy of the current industry and channels are suitable for small-medium LCD backlight on smartphones, tablets and sub​​-notebooks.

The ISL97682, ISL97683 and ISL97684 is a compact 2 -, 3 -, 4-channel LED drivers that operate at input voltage range of 4V to 26.5V, and provide outputs up to 45V. The device can also operate from inputs as low as 3V and provide output to 26.5V in the bootstrap configuration, making them suitable for systems using a single lithium-ion batteries.

The device incorporates an optional automatic switching between PWM and PFM mode, to provide the best (up to 90 percent) power efficiency in input voltage and output load range. All devices feature current 1.5 percent accuracy and channel-to-channel matching is currently 0.7 percent, to provide uniform backlighting for the 6-inch to 15 inch TFT LCD panel. High performance and versatility of this product family also makes it suitable for industrial and automotive displays.
Features and Specifications

The minimum supply voltage of 3V (using a bootstrap operation) means no 5V bias supply is required to achieve very high efficiency

Optional channel-to-channel phase shift control to reduce video noise and audio interference

Channel-to-channel current matching of 0.7% ensures the uniform brightness of the backlight

Adjustable noise up to 30kHz dimming frequency ripple on top of the range shift in audio, eliminating the

Open-string, shorted-strings, over-voltage and over-temperature protection devices and systems save in case of failure

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