Kamis, 21 Juli 2011

Hi-Fi audio

Hi-Fi audio
This circuit is a simple audio amplifier based on TDA1910 IC. This circuit will deliver 10W power output if used 8 ohm loudspeaker and powered with 24V DC supply.

* Use 18-24V DC for powering the circuit.
* A proper heat sink is necessary for the IC.

The TDA 1910 IC is a monolithic integrated circuit inmultiwatt package, intended for use in Hi-Fi audio power applications, as high quality TV sets. The TDA 1910 meets the DIN 45500 (d = 0.5%) guaranteed output power of 10W when used at 24V/4W. At 24V/8W the output power is 7W min.

Maximun ratings TDA 1910 IC
* Supply voltage 30 V
* Output peak current (non repetitive) 3.5 A
* Io Output peak current (repetitive) 3.0 A
* Input voltage 0 to + Vs V
* Differential input voltage ± 7 V
* Power dissipation at Tcase = 90°C 2 0W
* Storage and junction temperature -40 to 150 °

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