Jumat, 15 Juli 2011


The IC-7800 uses durable mechanical relays for BPF switching instead of non-linear semi-conductors, like switching diodes which can cause distortion. The mechanical relay reduces secondary distortion at the primary stage of signal processing.

The IC-7800’s somewhat familiar looks will remind many HF operators of the IC-781. The IC-781 set benchmarks back in the 1980’s as that generation’s ultimate HF transceiver. Some of today’s operators still feel the IC-781 is the pinnacle in amateur radio design. They have not seen the IC-7800. It takes amateur radio to a whole new level of performance. The IC-7800 will be viewed as the pinnacle radio for years to come.

The IC-7800 is an artistic fusion of over 40 years analog RF circuit development expertise and cutting-edge digital technology. The result is TWO identical receivers with 110dB dynamic range, +40dBm 3rd order intercept point, and unmatched DSP technology in the HF bands something that has never been achieved in Ham radio! Simply put, Icom has developed the ultimate Amateur HF transceiver.

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