Jumat, 16 September 2011

signal crossing

compressor to react fast or slowly to an audio signal crossing the Threshold and also how long the compressor keeps working. A loud acoustic guitar being plucked is a good example. With a fast Attack time the musicians playing will be compressed almost instantly. What if you want to hear that definite click of the plectrum plucking the strings? You set a slower Attack time which allows that plucking noise through before the compressor cuts in to reduce the overall volume. Its like shutting the digital barn door after the horse has bolted. Okay, now you want the compressor to turn itself off again in time to hear the next plectrum pluck. So you want a fast Release time to get that compressor out of the way. Otherwise with a slow Release time the compressor will still be on and effecting the following picking.

Different situations call for other approaches. A fast Attack time will help remove plosives, such as microphone popping. If you get your Attack and Release settings wrong it can create a pumping effect as the compressor struggles against the signal.

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