Minggu, 18 September 2011

Photo diode

Photo diode is a type of diode which functions to detect light.
In contrast with ordinary diodes, electronic components will transform light into electrical current.
Light that can be detected by the photo diode is ranging from infrared light, visible light, ultra-violet to X-rays.
Photo diode applications ranging from vehicles on public roads counter automatically, the camera's light meter and some equipment in the medical field.

Tool similar to the photo diode is a photo transistor (Phototransistor).
This photo transistor is basically a type of bipolar transistor using the contact (junction) base-collector to receive light.

This component has a better sensitivity when compared with Photo Diode.
This is caused by electrons generated by photons of light at this junction is injected at the base and reinforced at the collector.
However, the response time of the photo-transistors in general will be slower than on-Photo Diode.

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