Kamis, 15 September 2011

Digital Interface

XGGCOMMS Icom Digital Interface
Description: This interface offers full CAT control of your Icom Transceiver via your PC's RS-232 port and the Radio's 3.5mm CAT (CI-V) Jack . Additionally, the interface connects your PC sound card line in/out jacks to the radio's 8 pin Din accessory socket for full transmit and receive audio interfacing allowing you to operate modes such as PSK-31, WEFAX, SSTV, PACTOR, Packet, AFSK CW and many more.

This interface is compatible with:
IC-275, IC-375, IC-575, IC-707, IC-725, IC-726, IC-728,
IC-729, IC-735, IC-736, IC-737, IC-738, IC-746,
IC-746Pro, IC-756, IC-756Pro2, IC-756Pro3, IC-761,
IC-765, IC-775, IC-775DSP, IC-7400, IC-7700, IC-7800,
IC-781, IC-820, IC-821, IC-910, IC-970.

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