Minggu, 08 Mei 2011


At home maybe you're ever faced with the voltage issue, when you will turn on the radio that requires a voltage of 6 V or 12 V. Whereas the voltage supplied by PLN 220 V. Even generators produce very high voltage to reach up to tens of thousands of volts. The truth came home to live voltage 220 ​​V. How do I change the voltage? The instrument used to raise or lower AC voltage is called transformer (transformer). Transformer has two terminals, the terminal input and output terminals. Input terminals located on the primary coil. Output terminals located on the secondary coil. Voltage to be changed is connected with input terminals. Meanwhile, the results obtained by changing the voltage at the output terminal. The working principle of transformer applying electromagnetic induction events. If the primary coil energized AC, twist iron core will become a magnet coil (electromagnet). Because the AC current, the electromagnet is always a change of magnetic force lines. Change the line style will be shifted to the secondary coil. Thus, the secondary coil also changes the magnetic lines of force. That's what's causing the induction emf in secondary coil. Meanwhile, the induced current generated is a large AC current in accordance with the number of secondary winding.

Transformer there are three main parts, namely the iron core in layers, the primary coil and secondary coil. Primary coil connected to PLN as the input voltage (input) to be raised or lowered. Secondary coil connected to the load as the output voltage (output).

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