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APPLICATION electromagnetic induction

DC dynamo chart

AC dynamo chart

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APPLICATION electromagnetic induction
In electromagnetic induction deformed energy of motion into electrical energy. Electromagnetic induction is used in generating electricity. Generating electrical energy is applied electromagnetic induction generator and dynamo. In the generator and the armature coils and magnets there. Coil or the magnet that spins leads to changes in the number of lines of magnetic force in the coil. These changes caused the emf induced in the coil. Mechanical energy provided by generators and dynamos converted into rotational energy. That caused the induction emf generated continuously with a periodic repeating pattern
1. Generators Generators are divided into two, namely generators direct current (DC) and alternating current generator (AC). Both the AC generator and DC generator rotate the coil in the magnetic field fixed. AC generator is often called the alternator. The electric current produced is alternating current. AC generator characteristics using double ring. DC current generator, the resulting flow of direct current. Characteristic of DC generator using a split ring (commutator). Thus, the AC generator can be converted to DC generator by replacing a double ring with a commutator. An AC generator coil rotates between the poles is not a kind of two magnets facing each other. The two poles of a magnet will generate a magnetic field. The two ends of the coil is connected with carbon brushes contained in each ring. Coil is part of a rotating generator (move) is called the rotor. Permanent magnet generator part that is not moving is called the stator. How do generators work? When the coil is parallel to the direction of the magnetic field (forming an angle of 0 degrees), has not happened and there is no electric current induced emf (see Figure 12.2). When the coil rotates slowly rising currents and emf to the coil to form an angle of 90 degrees. At that time the position of the coil perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic field. In this position of strong currents and emf induction showed a maximum value. Furthermore, the coil continues to spin round, currents and emf dwindle. When the coil to form a 180 degree angle position of the coil parallel to the direction of the magnetic field, the induced emf and induced current becomes zero.

The next round of the coil current and the voltage starts to rise again in the opposite direction. At the time of forming an angle of 270 degrees, occurred more coils have current perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic field. In a strong position and emf induced currents showed a maximum value again, but different direction. The next round of the coil, current and voltage down gently until it reaches zero and the coil back to its original position until entuk memb 360 degree angle.
2. Dinamo Dinamo divided into two, namely, armature direct current (DC) and magneto alternating current (AC). The principle of working together with the generator armature coils which rotate in a magnetic field or rotating magnet inside the coil. A rotating part called a rotor dynamo. Dynamo that is not moving part called a stator. The difference between the DC dynamo by dynamo AC lies in the ring is used. In direct current dynamo using a ring that split into two so-called split ring (commutator). This ring allows the electric current generated in the outer circuit of direct current Dinamo even within his own dynamo produces alternating current. Meanwhile, on an alternating current dynamo using a double ring (two rings). Tools of alternating current electricity generation of the simplest is a bicycle dynamo. Power that is used to rotate the rotor is a bicycle wheel. If the wheel rotates, the coil or the magnet rotates participate. Consequently, the resulting emf induced on the ends of the coil and electric current to flow. The faster the movement of a bicycle wheel, the faster the magnet or the coil rotates. The greater the induced emf and electric current generated. If connected with the lamp, the bright lights. Emf induced in the armature can be enlarged in a way round the wheel is accelerated, using a strong magnet (large), the number of winding reproduced, and use a soft iron core inside the coil.

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