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Pictured above is an example of how to dispose of the remaining voltage on the flyback letterhead.

In a television repair, television needs to be removed when the machine is then used to dispose of the remaining voltage on the flyback and tube headers (like the example above). Although the TV is totally dead but the letterhead and the flyback voltage of the tube is still a fairly large store.

Pictured above is an example of how to safely remove the header of the flyback.

Although stress has been wasted, if you want to remove the header of the flyback it to be safer to use tespen. If still there is little tension left over it will be wasted on such tespen lamp.

Sample of RGB block release

Pictured above is an example of removing the RGB part of the cathode tube. Which white color is the cathode socket. You must be very careful when removing the socket, because if it does not really way off can cause a broken neck or broken tube cathode tube.
The figure below is a sample machine JVC brand TV old model that has been removed from the tube to be repaired in a condition more freely Total.Agar Dead in refit when flipping through the machine.

Example Machine released from Tube TV

Part Power Supply / Regulator

Pictured above is an example of the power supply / regulator long. You JVC TV machine must know the names of the components and functions and how to work the regulator them. With us you will more easily in engine repair TV. This origin can not measure the components of dead or living alone . But it must be a little work to analyze the sequence of the regulator. Next are the steps off the TV repairman this total. Step I type in sequence, starting from the open box to finish refit. The goal for technicians with beginners who are just starting to learn more understand. For television repair technician who was a senior my blog probably is not useful. So please understand for technicians who already senior. thanks.
First, open the box lid rear. If television fix this situation the total dead, better off alone from the television machine tube. As example in the picture above. Facebook more freely if flipping through television them. Besides machine, it will be easier in checking components and measurement of risk is not safe voltage. The jar also hit hard objects that accidentally during repair, such as screwdrivers, pliers or tools lain.Hati careful removing machines, cables associated with the tube must be removed first, such as letterhead flyback (do not kop held before discharge voltage). And do not immediately released, first remove the voltage that is still stored in the header of the flyback, which is usually still there. Way multitester take one cable, then connect the plug to ground tube. Multi plug that taper to stick to flyback. Then letterhead will be wasted in the voltage remaining in the header and tube them. After wasted then they will head off from the tube by using tespen. Why using tespen? The goal, if still a little tension there, it will be wasted on tespen lights, you are more safe. After header apart, then release a series of RGB blocks stuck in the neck tube, very careful in removing the socket, because if the leg is the cathode tube until broken or cracked glass tube neck, then you replace it tube. Look at example above.
The second step is to clean the dust that is clean and also clean the dirt on the pcb tracks by using the old toothbrush and a quick thinner evaporates or it could be alcohol. Way, thinner or alcohol drops on a toothbrush and a pcb which will cleaned, then scrub with a brush to clean the dirtdirt. Why pcb to be cleaned? The goal is for the cracked solderan looks and ease of checking or soldering. Next first transistor is off existing horizontal panel flyback. For avoid refrigeration near your negligence if the machine if the machine life. Because television live television, it will inject high voltage flyback at 20-25KV. You try imagine if exposed to stress for it. But if Transistors panel has been removed then you've safe. Because this is important, I remind only. But you do not continue to be afraid, later after reading this guide youscared. So a technician do not be afraid that your important careful and always watch where the letterhead flyback each will try to turn on the television machine, not to lie above / below machine. Letterhead flyback far along they will have to put the header and the cable is facing up or put in a glass just more safe (position if Tr panels are mounted horizontally, if not installed it does not matter).
The third step is to check the voltage is 220V and 220V voltage fuse. If normal & normal fuse, then check the voltage at 400VDC Elko, if no voltage then check diode diode rectifier bridg or 4, maybe something is broken.
Step four, if the voltage at 400V Elko already exist (the voltage is only about 250-300VDC, not exactly 400VDC) and then measuring the secondary voltage of 110-115 VDC.
If the voltage is 110VDC not exist, then we check one by one region of secondary power supply only. Or you do soldering on the first anniversary of suspected, has not come out and try turn. If B + voltage is 110V, then do check the components one by one in the area of ​​secondary power supply.
For security reasons if you fix the power supply, get used to horizontally disposed first transistor panel, above the already described. This is important to avoid your negligence, because if the power supply is on, and a horizontal oscillator output is also live up to the flyback will inject high voltage 20-25KV .
Unplug / suction formerly solder B + in the legs flyback that has to do with the Elko B + 160v for not burdened by the flyback in repairing power solder supply. If not removed nor anything, will not spray voltage flyback transistor during the horizontal bar has not installed. But p. are important too, because what? To find out leg B + flyback konslet or not. Then konslet, then the B + voltage from the power supply will turn off after connected to the foot of B + flyback. Then directly you know that the flyback is a short-circuit.
If the voltage B + is not out, then the next step before measuring the active component, such as the transistor Tr {}, all the measured one by one, if you find something is broken then replace it new.
Ninth step, if the B + power supply has not come out as well but all normal transistors, then check out these Zener diode Zener 110V. Dioda great shape, like a diode 3A.Nah .., this zener usually drop out, because this is a zener diode barrier B + 110 VDC.
Tenth step, eg B + has not come out as well, whereas active components such as transistors, diodes all have been checked normal. Then check resistors {R}, usually leading R Transistor Base Panel of Elco 400V power supply cut off, worth about 100k-150K is 2 pieces , replace both Resistor.
Power supply on television for his console / transistor output transistors do not all wear, some wear is STR or SMR.STR IC Integrated Circuit} {but it also transistor 2 pieces and there Resistor. If STR is damaged then the R around usually damaged, broken or elastic, if we replace the STR, then all the work for STR R perfect. Well replaced, if there is a short-circuit televisions turned on electricity directly or down the power supply must be broken, can be a short-circuit or transistor STR panels damaged / konslet or from bridg konslet diode, can also konslet 400V mylar capacitor.
If the secondary voltage exists, then you measure and adjust the trimpot B +, the average voltage of 110-115 Vdc.Dan measure the output voltage B + and other appropriate standards.
Terms for the machine must be able to live television pwr supply voltage, horizontal oscillator, driver horiz, horiz output, B + vertical and vertical output and heater voltage, screen voltage (G2), video output and voltage TEG RGB.Diantara these parts The most important role is the power supply and the Horizontal, the second part of this is like the heart, have to live first, then new, just other.
How many tension between the parts they will be, the following explanation:
-Power supply: 110V-115Vdc
Horizontal-oscillator: 8-12VDC TEG for IC {osc}
Horizontal-driver: 50Vdc at the foot of collector Tr {horz} drivers
Horizontal-output (H-Out): 0.2 VDC {osc to the base of the IC driver Ho} Tr
TR-base horizontal output: 0.5 VAC
Vertical-IC: 24VDC TEG B + IC {vertical tsb}
Vertical-output: 12V-16Vdc {from IC to the deflection Vert Vert}
-Heater: 6VAC
-Screen (G2): 250V-500Vdc
Cathode-RGB {}: 90V-125Vdc
-Video output: 180Vdc} {from flyback
-Program: 5Vdc {TEG B + for the IC program}

If voltage from the power supply all the normal, the next important is the need to turn part of first. Start horizontal oscillator, driver and output horizontal. For other parts later. You see the data on the thirteen steps, adjust the quick and practical voltage. In , directly measuring the voltage at the base of horizontal output transistors (of the transformer TR IT bound horizontal base out) there should be about 0.5 VAC, very small (but must exist). If the base voltage is already there means they have been living machine, and you do not need to measure the start of the oscillator.
If the voltage of the transformer TR IT that led to the horizontal base out there, then the machine is not possible to live television, then you just sort checking. Start of the oscillator until the output voltage existing horizontal. If means the machine has been able to live TV and pairs of horizontal output transistor released earlier, but measured the first transistor is good or not and the machine is ready to try TV.

Quite clear from the above summary of the total dead TV deal, ranging from checking the power supply to turn on the TV, then you are able to service the TV itself without asking the help of other workshops.

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