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Changing the zener diode with ordinary photodiode

Changing the zener diode with ordinary photodiode

Common zener diodes in the know with some kind of voltage limits easily available in the market, the voltage range from 2.7 Volt varied from up to 160 volts, and even some manufacturers provide a diode voltage divider is up to hundreds of volts.
What if we are faced with a value of Zener diode that does not exist in the market ????,
First choice: try as hard as possible to find a match!?
second choice: find a suitable replacement (it took a pretty good )??!!
The third option: Using ordinary diodes to replace Zener diodes .......???!!!

for one condition most likely choice ketigalah, but how?
Simplified theory of diode ....( link)
It has an ordinary diode forward bias of 0.7 volts for the type of silicon and 0.3 volts for germanium types, then the use of forward bias is what we will apply as in (Figure 1), meaning that every one is equal to the ordinary diode zener diode 0 , 7 volts only just installed upside-down compared with the installation of zener diodes.
Then to make it a regular diode zener diode with a certain voltage obtained by stringing ordinary diodes in series in the can until the desired voltage, if you need a 2.1 volt zener diode then rangkailah ordinary diode with forward bias of 2.1 V: 0 , 7V = 3 (fruit), or by combining both the zener diode plus a normal diode forward dipanjar (image 2), as an example that we want to zener diode pairs was 13.4 volts, then add the zener diodes 12Volt with ordinary diodes by: (13 , 4V-12V): 0.7 V = 2 (pieces) are arranged series.
may be useful .......

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