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how the air conditioning system

How does the air conditioning system so as to provide cooling effect in your room? Alias alias AC Air Conditioner Air condition is a set of tools that are able to condition the room we want, especially conditioned room into a lower temperature than the temperature of the surrounding environment. A set of these tools include the compressor, condenser, orifice tube, evaporator, expansion valve and evaporator with the following explanation:


The compressor is the power unit of an air conditioning system. When the AC is run, changing the working fluid compressor / refrigent form of a low-pressure gas into high-pressure gas. High pressure gas is then passed to the condenser.


Condenser is a tool used to change / cool the high-pressure gas turned into a highly pressurized fluid. The liquid then flows into the orifice tube.

Orifice Tube:

where high-pressure liquid reduced pressure and the temperature becomes low-pressure cold liquid. In some systems, in addition to installing an orifice tube, expansion valve is also fitted.

Expansion valve:

Expansion valve, an important component of the system. It is designed to control the coolant flow through the valve orifice that changes the form of a liquid to a vapor as the coolant leaving the expansion valve and enters the evaporator / cooling

Evaporator / Cooling:

refrigent absorb heat in the room through the evaporator cooling coil and fan blows cold air into the room. Refrigent in the evaporator began to change back into a low-pressure steam, but still contains some liquid. Refrigent mixture then into the accumulator / dryer. This can also apply, such as oral / second orifice for the liquid that turns into a pure low-pressure steam, before the compressor to obtain the pressure and circulating in the system anymore. Typically, the evaporator fitted with silicon that serves to absorb moisture from refrigent.

Existing compressors in the cooling system is used as a tool to compress the working fluid (refrigent), so refrigent that flowed into the compressor to the condenser is then compressed in the condenser.

In the condenser is compressed refrigent will change phase from vapor phase into refrigent refrigent liquid phase, then refrigent issue that is heat of vaporization heat contained in the refrigent. The amount of heat released by the condenser is the sum of the required compressor energy and heat energy is taken evaparator of the substance to be cooled.

In the condenser pressure refrigent located in the condenser tubes are relatively much higher than the pressure that is on the cheek refrigent-pipe evaporator.

After refrigent condenser and releases heat through evaporation from the vapor phase into liquid phase refrigent then passed through the expansion valve, the expansion valve the pressure is lowered so that refrigent refrigent change the condition of the liquid phase to vapor phase which then flowed into the evaporator, inside the evaporator is refrigent will changed the situation from the liquid phase to vapor phase, the phase change is caused by the pressure created in such refrigent
refrigent a way that after passing through the evaporator expansion valve and the pressure becomes very down.

This can practically be done with the existing road dievaporator pipe diameter is relatively larger when compared with the existing pipe diameter on the condenser.

With the changing conditions refrigent from liquid phase into the vapor phase to the phase change from liquid to vapor phase refrigent then this process requires energy is the energy of vaporization, in this case energy is the energy used within the substance to be cooled.

With energy taken taken in the substance to be cooled, the enthalpy [*] the substance to be cooled will be down, with a decrease in enthalpy, the temperature of the substance to be cooled will be down. This process will change continuously until there is cooling as you wish.

With the electric cooling machine to cool down or lowering the temperature of a substance can be easily done.

Please note:

The main key is the refrigerant of air conditioning, which generally are fluorocarbon [**], which flows in the system, becomes liquid and releases heat when pumped (pressurized), and the gas and absorb heat when the pressure is reduced. The mechanism of changing the refrigerant into a liquid and then gas to give or reducing the pressure is divided into two areas: an air filter, fan and cooling coil (cooling coil) which is in side room and a compressor (pump), condenser coil (the coil heat exchanger), and the fan on the outside window.

Hot air from the room through the filter, leading to the cooling coils containing refrigerant fluid is cold, so the air becomes cold, then through the trellis / lattice back into the room. In the compressor, the refrigerant gas from the cooling coil and then heated by means compression. In the condenser coil, the refrigerant releases heat and becomes liquid, which is circulated back to the cooling coil. [***] A thermostat controls the compressor motor to adjust the room temperature.

[*] Lattice bonds is the term in thermodynamics, stating that the internal energy of a thermodynamic system plus the energy used to do work.

[**] Fluorocarbon is an organic compound containing 1 or more atoms Fluorine. More than 100 fluorocarbon which has been found. The group consists of fluorocarbon Freon from Freon-11 (CCl3F) used as aerosol material, and Freon-12 (CCl2F2), commonly used as a refrigerant. Currently, the Freon is considered as one of the causes of an advanced Earth's Ozone layer hole and causing UV rays enter. Although, it is not yet fully proven, production began to be reduced fluorocarbon.

[***] Thermostat on AC operate using
bimetal plate that is sensitive to changes in room temperature. These plates are made of 2 metal having different coefficients of expansion. When the temperature rises, the outer metal expands in advance, so that the plate bends and finally touching the electrical circuit that causes the active AC motor / road.

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