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the first remote control is not damaged

The cause of the first remote control is not damaged, but the sensors in the device (TV / VCD / Compo etc.). The question of how we can determine who damaged remote or device? if any device / remote and another similar maybe we could try it. But when no device or other remote that can be used to try something? quiet .... there are a few tips. Remote control function or not can be tested using the radio AM / MW. Try to turn the radio on a wave MW / AM, then push-push the button on the remote while in the lift to the radio earlier. on the radio when you hear a 'tut' when the push button, means the key / remote control function, means that the damage occurred on the device rather than on remote.Cara second is by pointing the remote at an HP camera, when the remote is in good condition when the button is pressed press there will be light captured by the camera HP

The second reason is the remote battery is discharged, if the test results obtained using a radio remote controller diagnosis is damaged, the first thing to do is, make sure the remote control battery good / not yet finished. Many complaints damaged remote controls just because battery are depleted. For that, prior to the demolition of the remote, it is better replaced with a new battery.

caused because the battery is too long attached and moist or damaged so that the battery terminals cause rusting. When this happens, of course flow from the battery can not supply voltage to the active component remote control, and remote can not stabil. Why most frequent is the use of the cheap batteries that can cause rust usually this type of batteries containing hazardous substances Mercuri.

The fourth cause of dirty or humid PCB board. It can be seen only when the remote control has been dismantled. Things you can do is to perform cleanup of PCB boards from dirt, if there is the dirt trying to clean the PCB with thinner.

The cause is carbon fifth worn thin. Usually remote control, on the button at the bottom (the side in contact with PCB) coated with carbon. if the carbon is exhausted / depleted then the button can not function. If the carbon is exhausted / can be replaced with a thin layer of aluminum voil found on cigarette packs. Or can also be replaced with a new layer of carbon (carbon-coated way with liquid that has been circulating. Carbon this liquid will dry after a few minutes superimposed to the key)

The cause of the six is an infrared LED is damaged. If Led is broken, of data / commands from the remote can not be transmitted to the device which we will control.

The seventh cause of CF components are damaged. This component is a carrier frequency generator data / commands from the remote control. If this component is damaged, of course there will be no data that can be sent to the device that we control. This component is usually a box-shaped legs 2 is also sometimes the legs 3. CF component is usually colored blue / black / yellow / orange.

The cause of the eighth is the remote casing is broken, so we push the button that does not fit on the button on the PCB. This of course will cause the absence of data / commands that we put the remote control.

The cause of the ninth is the path of damaged PCB. This will result in non-functioning remote control. Things you can do is do / grafting or repair track on the PCB.

The cause is damage to the Ten active component on the remote (transistors / IC) when the transistor is damaged just maybe we can replace with similar components and a type that exist in the market. However, if the damaged is the IC, usually can be repaired rmonika

Causes damage to the eleven are passive components (resistors / condensator) damage of this type rarely occur on the remote control.

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