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Capacitor bank is an equipment used to improve power factor

Capacitor bank is an equipment used to improve power factor, eliminate the interference voltage and reactive power control. But the use of capacitor banks in the world of electricity, which means the operation known as capacitor bank switching can cause new problems in an effort to improve the quality of power, namely the onset of symptoms of high voltage transient (transient overvoltages). In this final project, conducted testing and analysis of transient overvoltages simulation using MATLAB SIMULINK software based data transmission, such as voltage and impedance channels obtained from Waru substation. The test results of simulation with MATLAB SIMULINK shows that the transient overvoltages generated by the operation of the capacitor bank switching on the transmission system substation Waru to achieve the highest value of 1.74 pu at 150 kV transmission system and 2.2 pu at 70 kV transmission system. From the analysis found that the transient overvoltages generated will increase if the voltage level positions closer to the load. This is certainly dangerous because it can damage electrical equipment.

Many say let the electricity bill cheap disposable capacitor bank, but the opinion was not completely wrong or completely right nor because the main function is to maximize tire capacitor power that we have or eliminate the reactive power that we use, because the reactive power charge is PLN (kvarh ) on us, so that with the decrease in reactive power kVA then we only pay a maximum of just making it more and cheaper electricity costs
some things that affect the age capacitor bank

There are two things that affect the capacitor bank

environmental temperature: the higher the labor room temperature the faster the capacitor bank during his lifetime

Harmonics generated: harmonic disturbances that often make life in capacitor banks become increasingly narrow

some equipment that can cause the capacitor bank is rapidly broken
Inverter, DC Drive
UPS or power supply uninteruptable
soft starter
welding machine
fluorescent light
arc furnace

by knowing this can we be expected to maximize the use of capacitor banks.

Some problems in the capacitor bank
this incident one of my customers when the capacitor bank exploded, many of us as actors maintenance or engineering are often asked, why capacitor banks explode ..? actually a lot of factors why the capacitor banks could explode following some discussion about the cause - the cause of capacitor banks can explode:

From my observations (CMIIW), many cases of fires at the plant caused by exploding / burning of the capacitor bank.

- I wonder what factors which trigger the explosion / burning of the capacitor bank?

- What are the reply must be considered in the design, installation and maintenance capacitor bank?

- From all electrical maintenance there any specific standards for maintenance?

May exist between rekan2 this mailing list who wish to comment about things they will be on top. Incidentally my background is not electrical. So I do not quite understand how to work and who are in operational hazard capacitor banks.

As short as I know there are several causes of capacitor banks quickly broken:

1. Voltage capacitors, since capacitors are very sensitive to voltage.

2. Room temperature.

3. Working frequency capacitors, whether pairs of capacitors which comply with the frequency mas we can to 50Hz or 50/60Hz (if not sure ask the vendor staement dr letter capacitors).

4. Quality power of the existing system in place mas darma, I often encountered cases are often damaged due to system capacitors containing high harmonics, so that when the capacitor has resonance with the system will occur surge that will damage the capacitor. So also the case I have ever met, the system prior to install capacitor banks no harmonics are significant, but once installed capacitor banks actually harmonics that appear in the system significantly. These harmonics appear due to the non linear load2 such as rectifiers, UPS, battery charge etc..

My suggestion to design a good capacitor bank is enabled as well as harmonic filters, to determine the initial harmonics in the system was measured first by measuring alat2 who have a lot of maintenance store.The capacitor bank room temperature maintained enough is enough.

Please corrected if I am wrong.

Generally, the load on the electricity grid is an inductive load. Some existing inductive loads in electricity network, such as the heater, Neon, electric motor, etc. So the electrical load is mostly inductive load. To eliminate / reduce this inductive power component that is required compensator capacitor / capacitor bank. PLN KVARH charge excess usage on the customer, if the average power factor (cos phi) is less than 0.85. To improve power factor so as not paying fines, should use the Application panel capacitor bank.
The main functions of capacitor bank
capacitor banks eliminate penalty / excess cost (kVARh)
Avoid overloaded transformers
Provide additional resources available
Avoiding the increase of current / temperature on the cable
capacitor bank serves to maximize the power consumption (kVA)
Power saving / efficiency
Avoiding Line Voltage Drop
preserve installation & Electrical Appliances
Capacitor banks are also reducing the losses - other loss on electrical installations

with the increasingly high cost of electricity in Indonesia, the electricity users must be clever - clever maximize its power and make savings so that electricity costs are not to be expensive.

Judging from how it works, capacitor banks are divided into 2:

Fixed capacitor bank type, with a fixed capasitive burden despite load changes. Usually used to direct cost as in the induction motor. A safe value is 5% of motor capacity, consideration is no-load current conditions.

Automatic type, giving capasitive burden that varies according to load conditions. Type panel is equipped with a Power Factor Controller (PFC),Cos phi PFC will maintain the network in accordance with the specified target. For fluctuating loads quickly used the Static Var Compensator type (SVC) using Thyristor as switcher. As for the load fluctuations are not too quick to use Dynamic Var Compensator using Magnetic Contractor and relay as a switcher PFC.

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