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The function of capacitors in electrical or electronic circuits

The function of capacitors in electrical or electronic circuits, among others:
a. Storing electrical energy.
b. Avoid stepping on the electric circuit which uses coil, for example, adapter, power supply, and lamps.
c. Selecting a radio wave transmitter which was captured by the aircraft radio recipient (turning)

There are two kinds of capacitors:
a. Non-polar capacitors or negative without the positive pole, low power saving.
b. Bi polar capacitor negative or positive pole, high enough to save power.

Capacitor properties
Can save and clear the electric charge.
Unable to direct current flow.
Current can flow back and forth.
For alternating current of low-frequency.
Capacitors can hamper the flow.

Usefulness capacitor
To avoid stepping on the electric circuit containing a coil when the current is suddenly disconnected.
The circuit used to start the car
To select the wavelength which is captured by a radio receiver.

Capacity (capacitance) capacitor
Capacitance is defined as the ability of a capacitor to hold the charge of electrons to a certain voltage level. With the formula can be written:
Q = CV
Q = charge of electron in C (coulombs)
C = the capacitance in F (farads)
V = large voltage in V (volts)

Parallel chip capacitor is a capacitor consisting of two pieces of conductors separated by dielectric material

The two-chip capacitor is connected to the battery. The battery will provide on-chip charge + q-q in the first and second pieces. In the gap between the two pieces of the electric field will arise.

The capacitance of the capacitor chip parallel computation:
C = ε0 A
C = Capacity of the capacitor (F)
ε0 = permittivity of vacuum (8 85x10-12 C2N-1m2)
A = cross-sectional area of each chip (m2)
d = distance between the chip (m)

Capacitors balls are hollow spherical capacitor with a certain radius.

Various kinds of Capacitors Electrolyte Capacitors
1.Condenser electrolyte or electrolytic capacitors (often abbreviated elco) is a capacitor which is usually tubular, bipolar positive has polarity legs (long legs) and negative (short legs).
Consists of two sheets of aluminum foil as a conductor and as a dielectric alumuniumoksida.
2.Fixed Capacitors
Fixed capacitor is a capacitor whose value is constant and unchanging. capacitors remain
three different forms:
Ceramic Capacitors (Ceramic Capacitor) there is a round thin shape, there is a rectangular red, green, brown and other non-polar capacitor lain.Merupakan.
Polyester capacitor
The rectangular shape like candies. Usually has a red, green, brown, and so forth.
Paper capacitor
Composed of two sheets of foil (silver) the length of a conductor which rolled on a cylinder such as a dielectric thin paper inserted. This paper capacitors are often referred to as capacitor padder.

Capacitors: two conductors are charged different signs, but the same
Capacitor circuit

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