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When Operated Transformer Condition Inspection

Maintenance and Condition Monitoring of Transformer, if his English: "Transformer Condition Monitoring and Maintenance "...( good ...?!! But we must be proud of their own language ... do not ya?). This article is to complement previous articles about the transformer or transformers (up, whichever you use, if I prefer to call it Tr).

By doing regular maintenance and condition monitoring of transformer during operation will be many benefits gained, among others:
• Improving the reliability of transformer.
• Extend the life.
• If the lifetime is longer, it will automatically save the cost of replacing the unit transformer.

The treatment steps of transformers, among other things:
• Periodically check the quality of insulating oil.
• Inspection / Periodic direct observation (Visual Inspection)
• Check carefully-examination (overhauls) are scheduled.

-Main Components Transformer Components

for more details you can read the previous article, "Component-Component transformers", but I show a little of its main components, namely:
• On-load tap changer (OLTC)
• Bushing
• Insulator / insulation
• Gasket
• System filter / oil filter isolation
• Equipment protection;
- Valves or valves
- Relay
- Measuring tools and indicators

When Operated Transformer Condition Inspection

Transformer operating at the time there was some examination and analysis should be done, among others:

1. Examination and analysis of transformer insulating oil, includes:
- Voltage translucent (breakdown voltage)
- Dissolved Gas Analysis (Dissolved gas analysis, DGA)
- Analysis of the overall insulation oil (once every 10 years)

• Examination and analysis of dissolved gas content (Dissolved gas analysis, DGA), to prevent: (partial) discharges, failure of thermal (thermal faults), Deterioration / deterioration of insulating paper / laminate.

• Examination and analysis of the overall insulation oil, includes: power factor (cf. Tan δ), water content (water content), neutralisation number, interfacial tension, analysis and content of furfural negative catalyst (inhibitor content)

2. Direct Observation and Inspection (Visual inspections)
- The physical condition of the transformer as a whole.
- Measuring tools, relays, filter / filters, etc.
- Inspection by using infra-red (infrared monitoring),
every two years.

Actions are usually done at the time of Accurate Inspection (overhaul)

1. Maintenance and inspection light (Minor overhaul), every three or six years.
- On-load tap-Changers
- Oil filtering and vacuum treatment
- Relays and auxiliary devices.

2. Care and thorough examination (Major overhaul)
- Technically, at least one time during its lifetime.
- Cleansing, toning and drying again.

3. Chemical Analysis
- Analysis of insulating paper / laminate (once every 10 years)

4. Electrical Testing (Electrical Test) for equipment;
- Power transformers
- Bushings
- Measuring transformers (transformer measurement)
- Breaker capacitors

Electrical Testing (electrical test) done at least every 6-9 years. Tests performed include;
a. Double measurements
b. PD-measurement
c. Responce Frequency Analysis, FRA
d. voltage tests

Causes of short circuit within the transformer, among others:

• Impaired short circuit between windings for damage to the laminate.
• Changes in gas content of H2, CH4, CO, C2H4 and C2H2

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