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The working principle Paiton units 7 and 8 in general is a coal burning boiler to heat water and turn water into a very hot steam

BASIC PROCESS Paiton Unit 7 and 8

The working principle Paiton units 7 and 8 in general is a coal burning boiler to heat water and turn water into a very hot steam which is used to drive turbines and generate electricity from the generator coil in the magnetic field. System settings used at the power plant uses a closed loop system settings, where water was used for several rounds of the process is the same water, just need to be added if the existing level of less than point sets. Changing shape, to a certain level of water tangible, but at another level intangible steam.

The process begins with water that is pumped into the condenser, then the condenser is pumped to the polisher to be processed so that the deposition of corrosion and missing, after which it is pumped to the Feed Water Heater 1, 2, 3 and 4 to be heated and then poured into Daerator to eliminate gas - O2 and CO2 and then pumped back into the Feed Water Heater 6, 7, 8 which would then be forwarded to increased temperature in the economizer and then headed to the steam drum to be separated between the steam and water, after which the superheated steam that is going through the First Super Heater, Secondary Super Heater and form a super heated steam that will be used to rotate the HP turbine and the pressure and temperature will drop so the SH steam need reheating which occurs at Re Heater, Re Heater from this SH Steam will be returned to Play the IP and LP turbines. This will occur within the turbine conversion of thermal energy from the steam into mechanical energy that causes the rotor to rotate the turbine to spin. This rotor rotation that will move the generator and finally by the generator mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy.

COAL Handling
Coal is the main fuel Paiton Unit 7 and 8. Coal is used in the form of Adaro coal, Arutmin, Kideco with 1.5% ash content, coal was taken from a coal mine in southern Kalimantan and will continue disuply during the operation. Shipping coal to the plant is done by using two ships with a capacity of approximately 43 000 tonnes, which would then be accommodated in the Coal Pile with a capacity of 670 000 tonnes for use as fuel. Before being used as a fuel, coal will go through several processes, namely Stacking, Reclaiming and Processing. But Coal Handling will only carry out the process of stacking and Reclaming, while for the processing included in the boiler operation and will be discussed in further discussion. Stacking is the process of accumulation of coal from ships. While processing the coal handling system of Shiloh until ready for use in boilers.

Stacking is the process of moving coal from ships into the Coal Pile. Some of the other terms in Stacking.

Jetty is a dock or berth at the coal-carrying ships Paiton Unit 7 and 8. The depth of this pier is 18 m from the seabed, allowing big ships docked. At Unit 7 and have two of the jetty Jetty Jetty A and B. Each has four fruit Jetty Doc Hopper Car that function to move the coal from the ship to the Belt Conveyor. Doc Hopper Cars position can be altered in accordance with the ship's position, this is controlled by the operator of the Coal Unloading Building Control (CUCB).

Conveyor Belt

Conveyor Belt-shaped kind of large belt made of rubber that move through the Head and Tail Pulley Pulley, both serve to drive the Conveyor Belt and Pulley Tansioning functioning as a conveyor belt. To support its weight belt conveyor fitted coal transported at a certain distance between Idler Pulley Head and Tail Pulley. Idler is a rotating bearing that was passed by the Conveyor Belt. Coal is transported by conveyor poured from a container launcher (Chute) tip of Tail Pulley then moved toward the direction of Head Pulley. Typically, the load of coal will fall into the tub the other launchers, located under the Head Pulley to be forwarded to another conveyor or into storage tanks. Conveyor between each branch with one another are connected with the Transfer House, in addition to the conveyor belt also added a few accessories that aims to increase its flexibility, among others:

  1. Done automatically if the metal detected at the coal sampling stopped.
  2. Metal Detector, Is a tool to detect metals in the mixed coal in the delivery process.
  3. Magnetic Separator, to separate the metals contained in coal in the delivery process.
  4. Belt Scale, to determine the amount of weight tonnase coal transported by belt conveyor.
  5. Dust Supasion serves to:
    - Water Polution controller
    - Spraying ait on coal
    - Saves the coal in order not to dust
    - Preventing the occurrence of sparks caused by heat from the coal dust.


Reclaming is the process of taking coal from the Coal Pile and distribute it to Shiloh. Some terms in reclaiming among others:

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