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Diesel engine driving

Diesel engine driving a generator that is widely used in the field, generally single-cylinder diesel engine water-cooled horizontal. Cooling water circulation system uses natural circulation or the cooling water circulation pump does not use circulators (water pump). Circulation of this kind took place because of the differences in specific gravity due to propagation of the cooling water heat received from the cylinder block. The cooling water circulation can be understood by considering the illustration above water heated furnace, the following:

High water temperature (heat) has a lower specific gravity and tend to move to the top (surface). Instead of water where the temperature is lower (cooler) its density will be higher and tend to move down (around the block cylinder). The advantage of this type does not require a circulation pump circulators so much simpler construction.
Broadly speaking, the amount of water in the cooling system can be divided into 3 types / construction, include: (a). Hopper type, (b). Radiator type and (c). Condenser type.
Diesel engine cooling system type hopper, the cooling effect is obtained with the cylinder block merambatkan heat to the cooling water, so the water will evaporate into the surface. Within a certain period of operation (40 minutes to 1 hour) of cooling water in the tank should be added. Indicator of the amount of cooling water hopper type typically use floating balls. If the ball is not visible apungnya, means the amount of cooling water has been depleted and need to be added. Diesel engine with radiator type cooling system, usually equipped with a cooling fan (cooling fan) and close the radiator. When the engine is operating, the water was around the block cylinder gets hot and moving up to the top of the tank by passing through the fins (fin) radiator. Obtained from the cooling effect of air flow from the cooling fan to the fins (fin) radiator. Radiator cap serves to increase the air pressure in the tank resulting in cooling water boiling point will be higher than 1000C, so it can slow down the process of evaporation. The advantage compared to the type of hopper is the frequency of addition of cooling water into the lower tank. Diesel motor with the type of condenser cooling system is also equipped with a cooling fan (cooling fan), but part of it is not closed (no radiator cap). Cooling effects utilizing the principle of condensation (condensation). Cooling water vapor is passed to the small pipes that fed air from the cooling fan, so it will condense and become water again. The water will be collected in the condenser tank. When the amount of cooling water in the tank bottom (above the cylinder block) is reduced, the air pressure will drop (happened kevacuman). This caused the water in the condenser tank is sucked down into the tank (in the block). Advantages type radiator and cooling system condenser type is compared with hopper type machine can be operated for about 10 hours continuously without adding cooling water into the tank.

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