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Resistor color

Electronic components are essential fizikal elements in electronic systems. Each component has a direct impression of the functioning of electronic equipment. The components are connected with each other by using a solder (solder) on board litar printed (PCB) to produce electronic litar tertentu.Contohnya function litar amplifier (amplifier), radio receiver and litar rectifying AC to DC.

The components inside the pakej disepadukan recognized as litar bersepadu. (Integrated Circuit). Party of electronic components is an obstacle (resistor), capacitors, and transistors diod. Each of these components has a different function in guarding and electron currents in electronic litar.

I will explain briefly about each of the components that are commonly used in coaching litar.

1. Jinx (Resistor)

Jinx gives an immediate impression of the electric current and Voltan. Ohm is used to measure the hurdle every obstacle. For the measure we use Ohm meter hurdles.

We may know the value hurdles by looking at the color cod wrapped around the obstacle.

Carta below shows the value for each Resistor color.

To determine the value of the barrier hurdle, color kod read begins with the color first, second and third followed by silver or gold as the value of tolerance.

For example, if we Want to get barrier 250 Ohm. The color red for 2, green for 5 and multiplied by ten namely brown color for all three loops. 250 Ohm = red, green, brown. Silver followed if the value of tolerance of 10% or 5% gold.

Cuba you get to color kod barrier 10 K Ohm.

Jawapannya is - brown, black, orange.

Cuba looking for color barrier that is worth 220 Ohm, 330 Ohm, 470 Ohm, 1 Ohm K and 8.2 K Ohm.

Now you also know why there is a color that wrapped around the obstacles and hurdles value may think.

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