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Electronic Diesel Control (EDC)

Electronic Diesel Control (EDC) is an electronic engine-
management system for diesel engines. Bosch presented
the first system of this kind in 1986. All control and regulation functions are combined in one electronic engine control
unit to which the injection system and a large number of
sensors are connected.

Bosch Electronic Diesel Control ensures ideal diesel
injection control at all engine operating points. It evalu-
ates in real time sensor data on the temperatures of
coolant, fuel and charge air as well as the momentary
engine speed, the position of the accelerator pedal
and the intake air mass. From these values the EDC
calculates the best possible injection process.

In addition, EDC is the prerequisite for a number of
further systems which increase the comfort of the diesel
engine while reducing emissions and consumption.
These include, among others, the electronic accelerator
pedal, automatic speed control (Tempomat) or regulation
of engine idling speed to a constant value. Above and
beyond this, EDC permits On Board Diagnosis as well
as data exchange with other on-board computers such
as the management system for up-to-date automatic transmissions. This ensures that the engine operates
in the sector most favourable to consumption while also
making jolt-limited, high-dynamic gear changes possible.

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Electronic Diesel Control (EDC) Cylinder shutoff
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